Washington County Democrats 2019-2020 Leadership

County Party Leaders

Elected Officers

County Chair: Patrick Maguirechair@washcodems.org
First Vice Chair: Martita Meier – vicechair1@washcodems.org
Second Vice Chair: Jeremy Likens – vicechair2@washcodems.org
Secretary: Victoria Long – secretary@washcodems.org
Treasurer: Veronica Williams – treasurer@washcodems.org

Standing Committee Chairs

Budget: Gabe Mendez  – budget@washcodems.org
Campaign:  Adam Gretzinger – campaign@washcodems.org
Communications: Dan Neill – communication_chair@washcodems.org
Community Outreach: TBD – community_outreach@washcodems.org
Finance: Amelia Manlove – finance@washcodems.org
Information Technology: Natalia Zhang – it_chair@washcodems.org
Latinx Outreach: Wlnsvey Campos – latinx_outreach@washcodems.org
Office: Robin Portman – officechair@washcodems.org
Resolutions and Platform: Gerritt Rosenthal – platform@washcodems.org
Rules: Garrett Fleenor – rules@washcodems.org
Training and Education: Nancy Lewis – training@washcodems.org
Young Democrats: Dave Coburn – young_dems@washcodems.org

Ad Hoc Committee Chairs

Endorsements: Shabba Woodley – endorsements@washcodems.org

Delegation Chairs

State Central Committee: Farrah Chaichi – scc@washcodems.org 
First Congressional District Committee: Garrett Fleenor – firstcd@washcodems.org

Caucus Chairs

Black American Caucus: Glendora Claybrooks – black_caucus@washcodems.org
Women’s Caucus: TBD – womens_caucus@washcodems.org
Progressive Caucus: Alex Clemens – progressivecaucus@washcodems.org


Parliamentarian: Alice Bartelt – parliamentarian@washcodems.org


Field Organizer: Carl Fisher – field@washcodems.org

SCC & CD1 Delegates

State Central Committee Delegates and Alternates


Patrick Maguire – Chair
Carl Fisher
Gulzar Ahmed
Paul Erickson
Will Hobbs
John R. MacDonald
Rachel Gowland
Linda Erickson
Farrah Chaichi
Nancy Lewis
Keith Haxton


Gerritt Rosenthal
Gabriel Mendez
Garrett Fleenor
Jon McWilliams
Veronica Williams
Lisa Stiller
Barbara Glazer
Louise Currin
Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh
Bridget Brooks
Vacant – to be elected

First Congressional District Committee Delegates and Alternates


Jennie Bowser
Lucinda Hites-Clabaugh
Judith Wightman
Janice Karpenick
Farrah Chaichi
Shabba Woodley
Adam Gretsinger
Gerritt Rosenthal
Garrett Fleenor
Alex Clemens
Patrick Konsor


Carol Bellows
Jolene Guptill
Lisa Stiller
Daniel Neil
Stan Jewett
Gene Brown
Bill Gallup Jr.
Vacant – to be elected
Vacant – to be elected
Vacant – to be elected