Washington County Democrats 2023 Impact Report

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Hello, my fellow PCPs and Democrats:
I know you all know how hard we work, but I thought it was important to share our accomplishments from 2023.
Your officers and your executive board chairs accomplished a lot last year, and we want you to know all about it!




Last year, we had several opportunities to present our testimony for consideration in the legislature.
1) As your Chair, I provided testimony in favor of Bill HB 3509 (later rolling up to HB 2004) supporting rank-choice voting in Oregon. This testimony was based on our support as seen in our Resolution:


2) As your Chair, I provided written testimony to the Beaverton School Board in favor of improving SPED Testing to cover more children of special needs at a younger age, specifically for ADHD and the Autism Spectrum. This testimony was based on our support  as seen in our Resolution:


3) Your 1st Vice-Chair, Ryan van Domelen provided testimony in favor of Bills SB 187 for Public Transit Workers’ Rights and HB 3183 for Cannabis Workers’ Rights
This testimony was based on our support of as seen in our Resolutions:

RPC-2023-001 Resolution on Workers’ Rights

4) The Washington County Democrats are sustaining annual members of the Organization Healthcare For All Oregon. This enabled your fellow PCP Janice Karpenick (our HCAO rep) to deliver testimony on behalf of the party in favor of SB 1089: Relating to the Universal Health Plan Governance Board and declaring an emergency.


5)The Washington County Democrats are members of the organization Divest Oregon. As members, this enabled your fellow PCP Janice Karpenick (our Divest Oregon rep) to deliver testimony on behalf of the party in favor of HB 2601 – The Treasury Investment and Climate Protection Act.




Did you know every single person we endorsed won their election? Yes indeed! In 2023,​​15,050 voters who appeared on one of the 267 Neighborhood Leader turfs returned ballots at a rate of 37.4%. This is an increase of 8.6 percentage points above the average countywide Democrat voter participation and represents an approximately 30% increase in Democratic turnout. 

Furthermore, Democrats who spoke face-to-face with a Neighborhood Leader voted at 53.5%, nearly doubling the countywide Democratic average. This points to the immense power of in-person canvassing to influence voter behavior, especially in low-turnout local district elections. Canvassing is the tried-and-tested gold standard for political organizing.

It just goes to show you once again that being a neighborhood leader makes a huge difference. If you have not signed up to be a neighborhood leader, you can do that today, RIGHT HERE >




In 2023 we gave $8,700 directly to​ our endorsed candidates’ campaigns​ for the May election. But we did so much more than that! This year we got even more strategic. When we voted at our March Central Committee on our campaign contributions, we held some money back to look at where some of those funds could be best distributed as the campaign season continued. It became clear that there was a deep need in Hillsboro. Our three school board candidates that we endorsedid not have a campaign manager. Not only did we help fund the campaign manager they hired– we helped to recruit their campaign manager! 


It’s through the relationships that we forge with fellow PCPs and elect​eds that we can build a network to support both new candidates and incumbents in local races. The candidates shared that this was a fundamental boost to their campaigns, and we were able to secure the Hillsboro school board for progressive-minded folks who will take care of our kids.




The Outreach Committee was out and about all year! We were able to attend even more events in 2023 than we have in the past. What does it mean to attend an event? The Outreach Committee makes sure that our presence is seen in the local community. This includes the Washington County Fair and various community events such as Pride and El Grito. This is so critical because we want the community to know we’re here! We want our community to know we support them, and we want to spread the word and let them know how they can be more engaged with us.


Here is a full list of all of the activities the Outreach Committee did in 2023:


  • Pride Orenco
  • Pride Beaverton
  • 4th of July Parade
  • 10 days at the Washington County Fair
  • Labor Day Picnic
  • Tigard Street Fair
  • El Grito
  • Beaverton Celebration Parade
  • Hillsboro Holloween




In 2022 we passed two resolutions at the Washington County Central Committee. One resolution was for increased rights for farm workers, and the other was for better support oneurodivergent children entering the school system. In 2023 the sponsors of these resolutions (fellow PCPs Hector Hinojosa and Brian Gardner), worked diligently to escalate these resolutions up to the Democratic Party of Oregon level. They were successful! The Democratic Party of Oregon passed two matching resolutions supporting our initiatives! This enables us to communicate these values to our legislators and local government in a meaningful way, with strong support from the State Democratic Party.




In addition, when the war in Gaza began, many of us felt it was important to say something about how this conflict affects the communities here at home. With the help of members from our Policy and Resolutions ​Committee, we came up with a policy statement that was passed at the November Central Committee meetingYou can read that statement here >


As the days wore on It became clear that our communities needed us to say more on the subject. The words of our policy statement won’t likely reach those at the national foreign policy level of government. However, by making a statement and taking a stand we still show those who are near to us that we care about them, and we care about the outcomes that impact their lives. With the help of an ad hoc committee, we put together another policy recommendation that we passed in a special meeting that we held on December 6th. Read the statement here >



If you think we had a busy 2023 know that we need to prepare for​ a BIG 2024! ​The Neighborhood Leader Program costs thousands of dollars every election cycle– we have to pay for our slate cards, stamps, and our Field Director. This year is not only a general election year but is a Presidential election year so we need to get to as many Democratic voters as possible.  Donald Trump and his Republican allies will work tirelessly to tear down our values at every level of government. It is more important than ever that you participate with us. Be a neighborhood leader and find out more about how you can participate in our many committees. It is our committees that help us do the work that you see here. Without your time as volunteers, we cannot make all of this happen!


Short on time? You can donate! A $5 to $10 monthly donation to the Blue Horizon fund makes a HUGE difference. Please consider becoming a Blue Horizon donor by clicking here >


To give a one-time donation you can click here > 


Thank you for all you do. As fellow Democrats, we can make a real difference in Washington County!

Martita Meier, ChairWashington County Democratschair@washcodems.org