WashCo Dems Op-Ed: Hard Conversations and White Privilege

Hard Conversations and White Privilege By Barbara Glazer, PCP WashCo Dems Black American Caucus, Hard Conversations Facilitator Here in the United States, like it or not, we live in educational, political, financial, and healthcare systems that designed to promote racism and "white privilege." School boundaries delineate segregated schools, and many textbooks [...]

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WashCo Dems Op-Ed: Maybe a little contention isn’t a bad thing

A little contention isn't a bad thing  By Martita Meier, PCP WashCo Dems Communication Committee, Digital Communications Chair The Democratic party has been undergoing some change throughout the country. I would actually call it an awakening. In our attempt to be a big tent, there are going to be different views [...]

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What Happens in a Central Committee Meeting?

The Central Committee meeting takes place once a month, and it is a time for local party members to assemble and conduct party business. Meetings are conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order (11th Ed). Robert's Rules is a form of parliamentary procedure and is a standard guide for conducting meetings and making decisions [...]

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WashCo Dems Op-Ed: It’s the Turnout

It's the Turnout By Stefan Jones WashCo Dems Communication Committee Member   There's a graphic circulating around social media. It's a bit rude but has an important point. Imagine a pie chart. Three pie slices: Red slice: 62,985,105 VOTED REPUBLICAN Blue slice: 65,853,625 VOTED DEMOCRAT Green slice: 108,856,312 BETTER START [...]

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WashCo Dems Op-Ed: Root Causes and Racial Beliefs

Root Causes and Racial Beliefs By Glendora Claybrooks, MHA, GCPM Doctoral Candidate, Public Health Policy WashCo Dems Black American Caucus, Chair   People are correct in their beliefs that we are all humans. However, race matters in America because Blacks have not always been considered as humans but personal stock in the [...]

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The Washington County Democrats Opinion Editorial

An introduction to the op-ed section of the Washington County Democrats blog We were very excited to introduce our own blog with the launch of our new website in May. We envision our blog to be a source of quality information about the Democratic process here in Washington County, which [...]

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Neighborhood Leader Profile: Karen Reynolds

“The first thing they told me was: ‘Become a PCP and a Neighborhood Leader" By: Rich Siegel Last fall, Karen Reynolds met with members of Emerge Oregon - an organization dedicated to increasing the number of Democratic women leaders in public office.  She had decided to become more involved in local [...]

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