Neighborhood Leader Update for the General Election

Neighborhood Leader Update The WashCoDems Campaign Plan for the General Election By Dan Riker, WashCo Dems Campaign Chair The Coronavirus will prevent our Neighborhood Leaders from knocking on doors for the General Election, as it did for the Primary. Instead, they will be mailing postcards to the houses they normally [...]

OP-ED: Alternative Universe

OP-ED: Alternative Universe By Clayton Callahan, WashCo Dems Communications Team Three years into his presidency, tRump supporters still insist that he’s America’s Greatest President. This, of course, leaves the rest of us rather slack jawed. When it’s pointed out just how terrible things have gotten under his watch, tRump's fans [...]

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OP-ED: And the Shots Rang Out

OP-ED: And the Shots Rang Out By Clayton Callahan, WashCo Dems Communications Team On July 13th of this year, I wrote an op-ed called Never Bring A Gun To A Word Fight. Tragically, the people who would have benefited most from that advice apparently didn’t read it. And as I [...]

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WashCo Dems Nov 2020 Election Endorsements

Washington County Democrats Central Committee November 2020 Election Endorsements Hot off the presses! Many of you want to know the outcome of the August Central Committee meeting as we voted on the majority of our local candidate endorsements! Here are the results below. We have also included our yes or [...]

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WashCo Dems at the 2020 DNC Convention

The Un-conventional Delegates of the Washington County Dems By Lisa Stiller, WashCo Dems PCP, and Education Caucus Chair This year the Washington County Democrats elected 13 delegates to the national convention; a huge representation for our county party!  When we ran, delegates were hoping that by August we would have [...]

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A Look Back at Democratic Conventions 1900-2020

A Look Back at Democratic Conventions 1900-2020 By Carl Fisher, PCP, HDL - HD35 With the Democratic National Convention starting shortly I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at past conventions in years that ended in zero. While we are not all that removed from events [...]

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