Seeking House District Leader Volunteers to Make 2020 a Better Tomorrow

Seeking House District Leader Volunteers to Make 2020 a Better Tomorrow By Adam Gretzinger, Campaign Committee Chair Washington County had great success in activating over 500 Neighborhood Leaders in 2018. However, a lot goes into voter mobilization, and we’re in need of more leadership to reach more voters in the [...]

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February 2019 CD1CC Recap

February 2019  CD1CC Recap by Dan Neill, CD1CC delegate February 16, 2019 - A rainy day at Coyote’s - Coyote’s organized the West Side Brew Fest last year and hosts several other groups’ meetings in this room, including the Washington County Public Affairs Forum The point of this particular [...]

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Hard Conversations: I Am a Racist

Hard Conversations: I Am a Racist by Rich Siegel, PCP I've never worn blackface. I’ve never marched down the street carrying a tiki torch and waving a Confederate flag. I have black friends. But I am a racist. Why? Because I’m white? Can I be white and not be a [...]

WashCo Dems Op-Ed: Black History Month

WashCo Dems Op-Ed: Black History Month 2019 – An American Celebration that Matters to Everyone, A Sharing Moment By Rosa Colquitt, PhD, DPO Black Caucus Chair The celebration of Black History Month, coming within days of the national holiday commemorating the birth of civil rights hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, [...]

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January 2019 CC Meeting Recap

Didn't make the CC meeting on January 23rd?  Here's a recap: Patrick Maguire presided over the first Central Committee meeting as the new Chair of the Democratic Party of Washington County.  He immediately displayed a talent for thinking on his feet, as a logistical snafu caused PCP credentials to arrive [...]

WashCo Dems Op-Ed: The Reality We Face

WashCo Dems Op-Ed:  The Reality We Face By Michael R. Steele, PCP     Living in the first quarter of the twenty-first century, today’s Americans are faced with numerous seemingly insoluble problems.  I invite you to make your own list. My list would include two underlying problematic realities that have [...]

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