Republicans Run from the Future… AGAIN

Republicans Run from the Future... AGAIN By Clayton Callahan, WashCo Dems Communications Team Member The bill is known as Legislative Concept 19, and it scares the hell out of the Republicans of Oregon’s legislature. It is 2020’s new take on last year’s Clean Energy Jobs Bill that sent GOP legislators [...]

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WashCo Dems Op-Ed: Black History Month 2020

Black History Month ‌2020: African Americans and the ‌Vote, A Sharing Moment By Rosa Colquitt, PhD, DPO Black Caucus Chair As Oregon and all of America approaches the 2020 elections, the Democratic Party of Oregon Black Caucus invites you to reflect upon the 2020 National Black History Month theme, “African [...]

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Allyship Tips – 1: Educate Yourself

Allyship Tips - 1: Educate Yourself By Barry Johnson-Smith, Washington County Hello, my name is Barry Johnson-Smith. I am a 24-year-old Black male who has recently moved to Hillsboro from Lawrenceville, Georgia. I desire to be more involved with the Washington County Democratic Party. Part of my contribution to the [...]

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Filling Political Vacancies in Oregon

Filling Political Vacancies in Oregon By Mike Steele, Washington County It’s not unusual to have some turnover in locally elected seats. Among many other reasons, politicians retire, or have health issues, or find themselves running for a higher office and need to vacate their current elected position. This happens on [...]

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OP-ED: The Safe Choice To Beat Trump Might Not Be Who You Expect

OP-ED: The Safe Choice To Beat Trump Might Not Be Who You Expect By Laura Wadlin, Washington County While the primary season tends to highlight our differences, Democrats are unified in our desire to beat Trump in 2020. Much ink has been spilled about electibility – but is it possible [...]

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A Look at Sheri Schouten’s Life and Legislative Career

A Look at Sheri Schouten's Life and Legislative Career By Adam Gretzinger, House District Leader HD-27 Democratic State Representative Sheri Schouten (formerly Sheri Malstrom) has been serving House District 27 in the Oregon Legislature since 2017. Currently she serves on 4 committees in the Oregon House: Healthcare, the Energy & [...]

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Neuberger 2019: A Very Special Success

Neuberger 2019: A Very Special Success By Martita Meier, 1st Vice Chair and Corliss Carleton, Neuberger Procurement Chair A Letter of special thanks: Every Neuberger event is meaningful, and a time for us all to come together and rally as the local Democratic Party, but this year was really [...]

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