The IT Committee

Learn about the IT Committee

What We Do

The IT Committee is dedicated to closing technological gaps that the committee perceives to be critical in improving Party operations. The committee is project-based, based on requests by the Central Committee or from great ideas that committee volunteers have brainstormed. Past projects include the design and deployment of a modern website (this one!), improving office technology and network security, researching and sourcing all kinds of equipment that requires power, but it may also be as basic as doing data entry at one of our events.

Who We Are

We are a team of friendly volunteers who are interested in technology. We meet monthly to check in when needed, but most of the time, we’re working on our own projects and engaging digitally.

What We Look For

Are you interested in technology and how it can help grassroots politics? Are you interested in teaching your fellow volunteers a new skill? Do you want to develop a side project that may be of benefit to the party and expand your own skill set at the same time?

Most of all, we are looking for volunteers who are curious and are willing to show up.

If this sounds like you, the IT Chair at would love to hear from you!