Training and Education Committee

Learn about the Training and Education Committee

What We Do

We offer classes to anyone interested who wants to learn more about Democrats, how Washington County Democrats are organized, how campaigns are organized and operate, and how to get involved. Our trainings provide folks new to our program a way to understand and participate in party activities, committees, and Central Committee meetings.

Who We Are

Students will develop skills for participating effectively in meetings and activities. They will learn what it means to be a Democrat and what the Conservative Republicans are about. They will be introduced to the Oregon Legislative Information System, learn who their elected representatives are and how to track legislation. Opportunities to learn about different kinds of campaigns, the role of the party in campaigns, and how to get involved in a campaign as a volunteer, staffer or candidate.

What We Look For

People can be a participant in a class or can join the training committee and help put classes together. We welcome all new comers to our committee as we discuss how a class went and how we can improve it. New people bring a new perspective. The willingness to participate in the discussions is appreciated. We need those who can write and edit copy, enter data, and be interested to do some teaching eventually. Plays well with others!

More on the WashCo Dem classes

If that sounds like you, please contact the Training Chair at