Training Classes for All

We are here to train you on getting active—grassroots style.

Our training program offers a variety of classes.  These classes are offered free of charge on a regular basis.  We encourage all those new to the party, as well as active members to take classes. We start in 2020 with the newly revised  2020-101 and encourage you to sign up for this class!

WashCo Dems 101 is a Saturday morning class that welcomes all newcomers to Washington County Democrats.

The class provides an introduction to:

  • Our local county party,
  • what it means to be a Democrat,
  • how the party functions,
  • who the leaders are,
  • Precinct Committee Persons,
  • Neighborhood Leader Program,
  • how to get involved today.

Washington County Democrats Volunteer Training

The role of the Precinct Committee Person and the Neighborhood Leader will be explained in detail. This class is an expectation for all PCPs, and recommended for all new to the Party. It is normally offered on the first Saturday of even numbered months and runs from 8:30 am to noon.