Training Classes for All

We are here to train you on getting active—grassroots style.

Our training program offers a variety of online classes.  These online classes are offered free of charge on a regular basis.

We encourage all those new to the party, as well as active members to take classes!

Online trainings will be posted on our homepage and under the ‘Events’ section in our main navigation. Check back often to see our latest offerings!

Online classes provide an introduction to:

  • Our local county party,
  • What it means to be a Democrat,
  • How the party functions,
  • Who the leaders are,
  • The role of the Precinct Committee Persons,
  • Neighborhood Leader Program,
  • How to get involved today.

We also provide online classes and training in:

  • Personal online security
  • How to Lobby effectively
  • How to become and grow as an Ally to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ friends, family, and fellow members of the community

We are interested to continue growing in the ways we can be of service to our members and the Washington County community. If you have any other ideas for classes or training you would like to see, please email Martita Meier: