Black American Caucus & Hard Conversations

Black American Caucus BannerBlack American Caucus (BAC) Guiding Principles
Washington County Democratic Party

Vision: To increase Black participation, leadership, and political representation throughout Washington county and in Oregon communities, now and into the future.

The purpose of the Black American Caucus is to recruit, represent, educate, and elect grassroots Black Democratic participants with interests in improving both political and social affairs. The goal, objective and vision is to have recruited 100 active members by the end of 2017 via coming together as Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs), political activist, and neighborhood leaders. We will speak to the political and social issues such as affordable housing, homelessness, public education, unemployment and underemployment, quality health care services and health coverage, criminal injustices, racial discrimination, and police brutality that we also believe impact all others.

The implemented Black Caucus will be the first of its kind in our county and like other committees; it too will have a focus on opportunity, community, and participant engagement reflecting cultural and political diversities by which to fulfill the mission of the Washington County Democratic Party. We envision a working committee that will be active in its purpose by reaching out to its surrounding areas inviting potential members to join our efforts. These efforts will be crucial in making a difference in how our elected leaders make political decisions, in how we emphasize our interests, and how we become the mega voices for those underrepresented populations not only within our county but also throughout the state.

We are, therefore anticipating actions that will promote and entertain new and innovative ideas, encourage and empower our political representatives thereby accomplishing equality, equity, and justice whose shared benefits will penetrate our central committee, our state, and perhaps our nation.

Goal: To recruit Black Americans to participate in community political activities by becoming leaders of and within the Washington County Democratic Party of Oregon and statewide.

Objective: To have recruited 100 Black American Caucus members by the end of 2018 to serve as Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs), political leaders and candidates, activists, neighborhood, and House District Leaders.

Mission: To enhance Black voices and leadership through political community partnerships within Washington County by recruiting, representing, educating, and electing grassroots Black Democratic participants to progress political affairs locally and statewide.

Core Values:
Universal Healthcare
Educational Funding
Equal Employment Opportunity
Affordable Housing
Equity and Equality

Caucus Chair: Glendora Claybrooks, GCPM, MHA, Doctoral Candidate,
Chair, Black American Caucus (BAC)
Washington County Democratic Party
Office: 503-626-7018
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