Black American Caucus

Black American Caucus BannerBlack American Caucus (BAC)

Vision: To increase Black participation, leadership, and political representation throughout Washington County and in the state of Oregon. We seek to do this through centering Black lives, Black voices, Black experience, Black joy, and Black love so that Black culture will continue to be an inspiring, instrumental, influence.

As we do this we are dedicated to resisting historically anti-Black and inhuman methods of furthering agendas by expending resources without regard to respecting the sacredness of the people at the core of these resources.

We keep meetings dynamic, concise, and action-packed with respect to the time those participating are giving. When we communicate we use a system of communication called a Progressive Stacking Order. This dictates that people from non-dominant groups are allowed to speak before people from dominant groups and makes non-dominant experiences the central conversation.

Our meetings and events are focused on:

  • mutual aid,
  • art,
  • community,
  • education and
  • giving power to movements and actions that protect Black lives. All Black lives including LGBTQIA2+ Black lives.

We recognize and honor the vast experiences of Black people the world over and we acknowledge the interwoven experience we have with our Indigenous and Black Indigenous siblings. In Washington County, those Indigenous Tribes and Nations are the Atfalati of the Kalapuya Nation and the Shawnee Nation.


The purpose of the Black American Caucus is to recruit, represent, educate and elect grassroots Black participants with interests in improving quality of life, political and social situations.

Increasing activists, Neighborhood Leaders, Outreach, and Precinct Committee Persons is critical to meeting our goals and seeing our vision become even more of a reality. We will speak to important issues such as harm reduction, affordable permanent housing, houselessness, public education, employment barriers, quality healthcare for all, gender-sex-race discrimination, police brutality, civil and human injustices. Centering and raising up Black culture is central to our mission.

We envision a working committee that will continue to be active in its purpose by reaching out to surrounding areas inviting potential members to join our efforts. We also envision a working committee that will continue to collaborate with other like-minded caucuses, groups, and organizations to create a better world. These efforts will be crucial in making a difference in how our elected leaders make political decisions, in how we emphasize our interests, and how we become the mega voices for those underrepresented populations not only within our county but also throughout the state.

Our caucus is geared to build and strengthen community, rejuvenate, raise awareness and make change. Although we accept members from all walks of life this is not a processing group for people who are not Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. If you are interested in learning more about Diversity Equity and Inclusion practices, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the appropriate resources.

Caucus Chair: Zeloszelos Merchant
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The Black American Caucus meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 7pm on Zoom.