The WashCoDems: What We Stand For

“In times of crisis, we don’t abandon our values, we double down on them.” –Sen. Cory Booker

These days, it’s not enough just to be against the Republican Party in general or Donald Trump specifically. If real progress is going to be made in our lifetime, we need to support constructive and progressive ideas that can solve problems and bring America closer together as a nation.

What does the Washington County Democratic Party believe in? Well, the long answer can be found in our party platform, which you can read here, but to get a clear sense of our values, please read on.

We are committed to creating a society with opportunity for all. By advancing sound, progressive ideas, we are working to create a more equal and sustainable society now and for generations to come.

We condemn the long legacy of racial, religious, and ethnic prejudice and exploitation that is still way too prevalent in our country. As a people, Americans have made great progress in empathy and understanding. We know that the bad baggage of our country’s past cannot be our future. We aim to counteract the institutions that perpetuate those many forms of hate and discrimination with affirmative action in support of liberty and justice for all.

We recognize that the inherent dignity and inalienable rights of all humanity as the foundation of our shared freedom, justice, and of peace in the world. As Americans, we have a responsibility to uphold our fellow citizens’ rights whenever those rights are challenged.

Specifically, that means the Washington County Democrats:

  1. Stand for basic human rights.
    All persons have the right to adequate food, secure housing, a quality education, and personal safety. Everybody deserves the opportunity to succeed in life, make our own choices, marry whomever we love, and, when the time comes, to a death with dignity. These are the things that define a free people and are worth fighting for.
  2. Support equal opportunity.
    We’re working toward a fair economy where everyone has the opportunity to live a good life. Every worker deserves a living wage and has the right to unionize. We hold that taxation and revenue policies must reflect the economic conditions of our region and be governed by the principles of transparency, fairness, and efficiency. With this in mind, any effort to reduce taxation must be balanced with the potential impacts on the educational and social services we all rely on.
  3. Fight for universal healthcare.
    We simply don’t believe that someone should suffer and die just because they don’t make enough money to pay a medical bill. Healthcare is a human right and should be available to all those who need it. That’s why we’re working for a single-payer program so that need, not greed, drives the healthcare system in America.
  4. Promote education for democracy.
    We demand an equal, sound, effective, and fully funded public education program. This includes prekindergarten, “K through 12,” post-secondary, and career vocational training. We know that quality education increases everyone’s economic well-being, promotes civic engagement, enriches our personal lives, and is necessary to adapt to technological progress. Public schools have always done their best to provide the skills and knowledge that are the foundation of a thriving democracy, and they need and will receive our full support.
  5. Stand for a just system.
    Without a justice system that equitably serves all, no one can truly enjoy the freedoms we treasure in this country. Unfortunately, failures of the system have been used to systematically oppress disadvantaged populations of many kinds. This must change if America is to live up to its ideals of liberty and justice for all. That’s why we’re working hard to reform our justice system —so it works fairly for everybody.
  6. Stand for governmental integrity.
    By demanding an open and responsive government, we all win. We believe that every citizen deserves meaningful and accountable representation at every level of American government. Therefore, it’s the right and responsibility of all eligible citizens to vote, and we are working to make sure everybody gets their chance to do so.
  7. Stand up for the refugee community.
    Oregon is a mosaic of different cultures, and we value the social and cultural benefits from our immigrant groups.  We reject scare tactics and disparaging racial rhetoric, and believe that bigotry has no place in America today. The basic truth is that all men (as in all mankind) are created equal. Under the Constitution, all residents of this country enjoy civil rights, and we will defend them as Americans should.
  8. Work for a sustainable future.
    A healthy environment is essential to our high quality of life. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the lands we live on deserve our protection. Long-term land use planning, sustainable infrastructure, and wise protection of our natural resources are critical and worth fighting for.
  9. Support science and technology.
    We live in a world with a high dependence on technology and the application of science for everyday life.  Therefore, it only makes sense that science must be a fundamental basis for policy. We believe in advancing science and that science education benefits all. That is why open and fair access to the internet is an essential pillar of our democracy today.
  10. Stand for a global commitment to peace.
    As Americans, our responsibilities extend beyond state and national boundaries. In such an interconnected world, our national interests require global cooperation. That’s why we support the use of diplomacy and negotiation to resolve international conflicts and promote peace.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us; we hope you will join us as a volunteer.  Together, we can make a difference— a grassroots organization, driving change.