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Update Your Voter Registration

Voting in Oregon: Oregon is a “vote by mail” state.

In Oregon, ballots are all sent through the mail and are not forwarded. You must be able to receive mail at the mailing address on your registration.

Requesting an absentee ballot
Use this form to request your absentee ballot.

Voting from abroad
Register to vote and request your absentee ballot at VoteFromAbroad.org, a project of Democrats Abroad. Contact your local branch of Democrats Abroad to get involved!

The Oregon Motor Voter Act
Did you know in the state of Oregon you are automatically registered to vote during a qualifying interaction at the DMV? This law eliminated the need to fill out a voter registration card in order to assure your right to vote. Per the Secretary of State: A qualifying interaction is when an eligible unregistered voter (over 16 years old, an Oregon resident, and a US citizen) visits the DMV to apply for, renew, or replace an Oregon drivers’ license, ID card, or permit.

You can read more about the Oregon Motor Voter Act here.

I am not sure I am registered

If you find out that for some reason you are not already registered to vote via this method, you can register to vote in Oregon online using the My Vote portal.
To check or update your voter registration or track your ballot using the Secretary of State’s My Vote tool

Additional information from the Secretary of State and the Democratic Party of Oregon

Q; Where’s my ballot/pamphlet?
A. Use the Secretary of State’s My Vote tool to learn when your ballot will be mailed, and if your voted ballot has been received by the county elections office. Voter’s Pamphlets are mailed separately to all registered voters in Oregon at the same time as ballots. If you do not receive one, they are available at your county elections office, and online from the Secretary of State website. The Secretary of State’s online version will NOT include information on local candidates, or on local issue campaigns.

Q: Where do I find a Ballot DropBox?
A: Use DropSites.org to find the closest official ballot dropbox to you.

Q: How does Vote by Mail work?
A: Registered voters receive a ballot two to three weeks before an election, giving them ample time to research issues or candidates. Voters also receive a security envelope in which to return their completed ballot. The envelope can be stamped and mailed or simply dropped off at any official dropbox across the state. Ballots must be received or mailed with a valid postmark by 8 p.m. on Election Day.​​​​​​​​​

Q: How can I get an absentee ballot?
A: Students attending an out-of-state college or voters traveling during an election can still receive a ballot. Fill out this form and return it to your county elections office.

Q: How can I get a replacement ballot?
A: If your ballot arrives damaged, you make a mistake, spill something, lose your ballot, or for any other reason, contact your county elections office for a replacement ballot.

Q: Where can I get help on voting with disabilities?
A: Visit the Secretary of State’s accessibility information page to learn where to get your accessible ballot and tips for how to use it.

Q: I’m concerned about my ability to cast my vote and my county elections office hasn’t been able to help me.
A: Contact our Election Protection Hotline at 503-239-8683 (503-239-VOTE)or 877-239-VOTE and we’ll get you help.

Q: Can I vote in the Democratic primary?
A: In Oregon, only registered Democrats may vote in the Democratic primary. If you would like to change your registration to the Democratic Party, you can update your voter registration online (it’s the same process as filling out a new registration). If you are unsure that you are registered as a Democrat in Oregon, you can check your registration status online.

Q: Am I eligible to vote in Oregon?
A: You may register to vote in Oregon if:

    • You are a resident of Oregon.
    • You are a United States citizen.
    • You are at least 17 years of age (you will receive ballots for elections that occur after your 18th birthday).

Visit the Democratic Party of Oregon website for more information.

Has the law been working? Here are a couple of great resources about its success in Oregon:

Click here to learn about the ballots received or mailed with a valid postmark by 8 p.m. on Election Day.


  • Oregon, the first state to conduct all elections by mail, would join the ranks of states accepting ballots postmarked by election day.
  • When a voter signs the back of the envelope that contains a mail ballot — the signature will be compared to one on file with the county elections office — there will be a statement attesting that the envelope was mailed on or before election day.
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