WashCo Dems op-edAn introduction to the op-ed section of the Washington County Democrats blog

We were very excited to introduce our own blog with the launch of our new website in May. We envision our blog to be a source of quality information about the Democratic process here in Washington County, which will include feature articles meant to educate and to encourage participation, as well as up-to-date recommendations about our events.

Our blog will also feature an opinion editorial section. Our op-ed pieces will be written by members of the party, and we welcome submissions from Washington County residents who hold Democratic, Progressive values and wish to share their views and experiences.

The Democratic Party strives to be a big tent, and part of being big means to welcome people who have very different backgrounds and experiences. If we really want to stand together, then we need to achieve a better understanding of our friends, our colleagues, and our neighbors for who we are, how we experience the world, and what we have been through. We hope that our op-ed section will help achieve this goal.

We want you to find yourself here.
We want you to know that your voice is a part of our party.

We want you to know that you are welcome.

Martita Meier, First Vice Chair

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