infographic with information on bonds and levies

Still Confused? Here is a little more detail:

A bond measure is for a set amount. For example, the 2018 Metro Affordable Housing Bond Measure, Measure 26-199 (on the Nov 2018 ballot) was approved for up to $652.8 Million Dollars. With bonds, the governing body is required to estimate a levy rate so that voters have a way to understand how the approval may effect (at the maximum level) their property tax. Bonds are issued for a specific period, and when they are paid off, taxpayers’ property taxes go down. With Measure 26-199, the Bond cost was estimated at $0.24 per $1,000 of assessed value annually. (Source: The Nov 2018 County Voters Pamphlet)

A levy itself is for a set rate amount. For example, the Washington County Cooperative Library (WCCLS) Levy Renewal, Measure 34-297, will renew the rate at 22¢ per $1,000 assessed property value for five years, beginning in 2021.  (Source: the referral approved by WA County Commission for the VPS: Library Renewal Levy Ballot Material)

Levies in Washington County for vote in the May 2024 Election can be found here: (stay tuned)