Young Democrats Caucus

Learn about the Young Democrats Caucus

What We Do

We seek to not just honestly communicate the feelings and ideas of this county’s young leftist population, but to transform them into the policy changes they desire. We engage in outreach, endorsing and lobbying for policy that aligns with the vision of our youth, and campaigning for young leftist candidates.

Who We Are

We are the leftist youth of Washington County who seek to not just make ourselves heard but to get involved in the process of shaping and protecting this great community we live in.

What We Look For

Anyone from the age of 18-36 from any walk of life or identity who wants to be involved in the political process, so long as you are left wing. Ideally, you should have a passion for freedom, equality, progress and reformation of existing systems. We seek to take real action to keep our county safe and progressing in the right direction and if that interests you then you interest us!

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