WashCo Dems House District Leaders 2019-2020

House District Leaders (HDLs)

Campaign Chair: Dave Coburn
Campaign Vice-Chair: Dan Riker

Our Bylaws provide an extensive description of what HDLs do, but at its basic, House District Leaders act as resources and as a local social hub for registered Democrats in their respective districts. HDLs identify registered Democrats to become PCPs and Neighborhood Leaders and provide mentorship.

House District Leaders don’t need to be PCPs. If you’ve got the energy and enthusiasm to help mentor Democrats in your area, please contact our Chair to start the appointment process.

HD 24 : Steve P.- hd24@washcodems.org

HD 26 : Vacant – hd26@washcodems.org

HD 27 : Adam G., Wendy K. – hd27@washcodems.org

HD 28 : Gabe M. – hd28@washcodems.org

HD 29 : Kimberly C., Debby G., Roger N. – hd29@washcodems.org

HD 30 Vacant – hd30@washcodems.org

HD 31 : Maureen B., Eric M. – hd31@washcodems.org

HD 32 Vacant – hd32@washcodems.org

HD 33 : Karyn S., Paige D. – hd33@washcodems.org

HD 34 : Bill W., Matthew K., Rebecca C. – hd34@washcodems.org

HD 35 : Ben B., Diane D., Carl F., Gretchen R. – hd35@washcodems.org

HD 37 : Doug P., Carol G., Gerritt R. – hd37@washcodems.org

What precinct do I live in?
*Click this button to discover your house district.  Enter your address, click ‘find who represents me’ and then choose the “house” tab.