How Can I Help?

Big influential corporations and billionaires may have their lobbyists, but we have YOU.

We really stand behind our motto of Grassroots driving change, and the heart of what makes the Democratic party are its volunteers. Whether you participate as a Neighborhood Leader, or you give of your time at your computer; the Washington County Democrats are excited to have your skills and your passion.

It is a common assumption that if you give your time to a political organization you must be squarely out in front of people. You must knock on doors, or spend hours on the phone…

While these are critical parts of a grassroots movement, it is far from all that is important and needed. We are eagerly looking for people with a wide range of interests and skills. Event planners, office assistants, designers, writers, photographers, and web developers, just to name a few! There are many ways that you can make a difference for the causes you care about.

Volunteer with Local Democrats

You can volunteer a few hours a month or several hours a week. We know life is busy and we appreciate any time you can give. If you are interested in learning more, please come to our next Central Committee meeting to hear more about what we do at the local level, and about our standing committees and caucuses.

    Do you live in Washington County, Oregon?