AAPI Caucus

Asian American & Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Caucus

Vision: represent and advocate for the interests of the diverse AAPI communities throughout Washington County. Seeking to increase AAPI participation within our local government.

The AAPI Caucus seeks to:

  • Represent and build common interests and communications among the various AAPI communities
  • Ensure the AAPI community has equal access to education, social services, health, and other government programs and services
  • Increase AAPI participation and representation in all levels of government; including statewide appointments and statewide elected officials
  • Ensure councils, boards, and regulatory agencies reflect the needs and concerns of the AAPI community
  • Promote greater civic participation and empowerment of AAPIs in various levels of government
  • Strengthen protections against hate crimes and defend the civil rights and liberties of AAPIs
  • Fight racial stereotypes and negative portrayals of AAPIs in the media

Washington County Democratic Party
Office: 503-626-7018
Email: aapi_caucus@washcodems.org