2020 Ballot Measures

The Washington County Democrats want to help you navigate through your voter pamphlet. Below are the measures on the ballot for Oregon State and Portland Metro.

It is the standard practice of the Washington County Democrats to take all measures for endorsement to vote at our Central Committee meetings. The below measures were voted on during online session of the August Washington County Democrat Central Committee meeting.

The information provided on these measures is active.

That means that we will update our information to keep you up-to-date as we learn more.
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Campaign Finance Limits Amendment would authorize the Oregon State Legislature and local governments to limit political contributions and expenditures.

A “yes” vote supports authorizing the state legislature and local governments to (1) enact laws or ordinances limiting campaign contributions and expenditures; (2) require disclosure of contributions and expenditures; and (3) require that political advertisements identify the people or entities that paid for them.

Website for Measure 107

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Tobacco & E-Cigarette Tax Increase for Health Programs funding the Oregon Health Authority for medical and healthcare-assistance programs.

A “yes” vote supports the measure to increase taxes on tobacco products and inhalant delivery systems (such as e-cigarettes) to fund the state’s Medical Assistance Program and other healthcare-related programs. Programs include mental health services, tribal health providers, including Urban Indian Health Program, and other programs concerning tobacco and nicotine health issues.

Website for Measure 108

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Psilocybin Mushroom Services Program Initiative allows The Oregon Health Authority to be responsible for establishing the program and creating regulations for administering psilocybin products.

A “yes” vote supports authorizing the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to create a program to permit licensed service providers to administer psilocybin-producing mushroom and fungi products to individuals 21 years of age or older.

Website for Measure 109

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Drug Decriminalization & Addiction Treatment would reclassify personal/non-commercial drug possession offenses.

A “yes” vote supports making personal non-commercial possession of a controlled substance no more than a Class E violation (max fine of $100 fine) and establishing a drug addiction treatment and recovery program funded in part by the state’s marijuana tax revenue and state prison savings.

Website for Measure 110

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Oregon Metro Transportation Funding Bond Measure for proposed transportation investments for greater Portland.

A “yes” vote supports plans for dozens of projects in 17 major travel corridors, as well as additional programs to invest in transit, safety and community stability across Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties.

Website for Metro Measure “Get Moving”

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As a Washington County resident, you will see some of these measures on your ballot, based on your district.