2018 Ballot Measures

The Washington County Democrats want to help you navigate through your voter pamphlet. Below are the measures on the ballot for the state of Oregon, and Portland Metro. These are the measures that will affect the state and Washington County. Our Washington County PCPs voted at the last Central Committee Meeting regarding our alignment with the Democratic Party of Oregon regarding these same ballot measures.

Who wrote the reports below on the measures?

Fellow WashCo Dem member, Jennie Drage Bowser, is a freelance writer and political consultant based in Portland, Oregon. She worked for 15 years and served as its leader for the last three for the Legislative Management Program at the National Conference of State Legislatures, where she focused on the areas of initiative and referendum, elections administration, campaign finance reform, and term limits. She staffed NCSL’s Initiative & Referendum Reform and Elections Reform Task Forces and authored numerous magazine articles and book chapters on these subjects.  She speaks frequently on these issues to legislatures and other groups and is a trusted source for the local and national media.

The information provided on these measures is active.

That means that we will update our information to keep you up-to-date as we learn more.
You can help pass along this information to your fellow Democrats by becoming a Neighborhood Leader.

Vote yes on oregon ballot measure 102

Amends Constitution: allows local bonds for financing affordable housing with nongovernmental entities. Requires voter approval, annual audits

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Vote no on oregon ballot measure 103

Amends Constitution: Prohibits taxes/fees based on transactions for “groceries” (defined) enacted or amended after September 2017

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Vote no on oregon ballot measure 104

Amends Constitution: Expands (beyond taxes) application of requirement that three-fifths legislative majority approve bills raising revenue

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Vote no on oregon ballot measure 105

Repeals law limiting the use of state/local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration laws

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Amends Constitution: Prohibits spending “public funds” (defined) directly/indirectly for “abortion” (defined); exceptions; reduces abortion access

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Vote yes on oregon ballot measure 26-199

Vote YES on Metro Measure 26-199

yes vote is a vote in favor of authorizing $652.8 million in bonds to fund affordable housing in Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties.

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