2019 Candidate Endorsements

Washington County Democratic Party Endorsements
May 21, 2019 Election

The Washington County Democrats only issue official endorsements in non-partisan races.

Below you will find our full list of the thirteen candidates we have endorsed. These candidates went through a rigorous interview process to be considered, and they all spoke at our Special Endorsements meeting of the Washington County Democrats Central Committee, held on March 20th. The Central Committee then voted on accepting their proposed endorsement. Read more below on these candidates as you prepare to vote in the May election!

Hillsboro and Forest Grove

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See Eun Kim:  Hillsboro School Board, Position #4Hillsboro school district logo

My journey in Oregon began when I was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. I attended Oregon public schools, graduated from the University of Oregon, and have worked with various non-profit organizations throughout the state.

I am running for Hillsboro School Board because I believe it is our responsibility, as a community, to provide ground-level perspective and diverse representation to the district level decisions that ultimately impact what happens in the classroom. As a 3rd grade teacher, I lived in the tension of overcrowded classrooms and underfunded schools. As a child advocate, I have witnessed a wide array of social issues that impact our children’s ability to learn. As an aunt of 3 children in our district, I have seen my nephews and their classmates, particularly those of color and those who come from a disadvantaged background, struggle to keep up with their peers.

As a school board member, I will advocate for adequate and stable funding, work to enhance health and wellness services to address the mental, behavioral, and emotional concerns of our students, and fight for educational equity, so that all children are given equitable opportunities to succeed.

My priorities when elected will be to:

  • Elevate educational equity because every child, regardless of their race or socioeconomic status, should be given access to quality education;
  • Expand mental health and wellness services because physical, mental, and emotional well-being is essential to students and their ability to achieve at their highest potential;
  • Enhance community partnerships because these strategic partnerships will enhance learning experiences for students and prepare them to graduate career or college-ready.

See’s website   |   See’s Facebook page

Lisa Allen:  Hillsboro School Board, Position #5Hillsboro school district logo

Lisa Allen has a Master of Arts in Teaching and is an alumna of Teach For America. She’s worked as a middle and high school teacher and an early childhood educator with Head Start. In 2008, she was the regional nominee for the Sue Lehman Excellence in Teaching Award, an elite nomination reserved for the most highly effective Teach For America Corps Members.

Lisa ran for the Hillsboro School Board because she is passionate about public education and that how a student looks, the language they speak at home, and their family income should not determine their success within the system. While our district has made progress under her leadership, there is still work to do. Lisa is fighting for stable and adequate education funding so we can decrease class size and increase graduation rates. Lisa works hard to ensure that district policies are in the best interest of students and align with the community’s values.

“Lisa’s leadership transformed the culture of our district. The Board is more student-centered than ever. We need her experience and passion!” – State Representative Janeen Sollman
“As Chair, Lisa led our schools in tackling the opportunity gap. She’s the champion for quality education we need.” – Metro Councilor Juan Carlos González
“Lisa Allen is most qualified…she has gone above and beyond in her efforts to examine local schools.”  – Hillsboro Tribune

Lisa’s website    |   Lisa’s Facebook page

Yadira Martinez:  Hillsboro School Board, Position #7Hillsboro school district logo

Yadira is running for full-term election to Hillsboro School Board, position 7.

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Narce Rodriguez:  Forest Grove School Board, Position #5Forest Grove school district logo

Narce Rodriguez has lived the Forest Grove/Cornelius area for over 23 years. She has a made a career out of fighting for marginalized students in higher education institutions and has an impeccable record as an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Today, she serves as the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at Pacific University. Her role enables her to advance the important work of transforming systems at large so they work for everyone and not just a privileged few.

Narce is running for the Forest Grove School Board because she recognizes the need for a cogent plan for addressing equity issues within the district. Narce is committed to delivering the things that are high in demand in the district, like reduced class size, robust CTE and college readiness programs, transparency, and open communication. Engage diverse perspectives and invest in culturally responsive practices with the aim of closing participation and achievement gaps of students with different backgrounds.

Narce’s website   |   Narce’s Facebook page


Tom Colett:  Beaverton School Board, Zone #7 Beaverton school district logo

Tom is a native Oregonian who attended public schools from kindergarten through college at Portland State University. He has lived in Beaverton for thirteen years with his wife, Jennifer, an elementary school teacher. Previous to serving on the School Board, Tom worked in the Oregon Legislature on education budgeting and bills and Co-Facilitated the Beaverton School District Music Task Force. He is currently a contract negotiator for LiUNA 483, working with large municipalities including the City of Portland, Port of Portland, and Metro. Tom has served on the Beaverton School Board for the past two years. Below are a few of his priorities:

  • Well-Rounded Education: Beaverton students should receive solid math, science, and literacy instruction, along with arts, music, PE, foreign language, and technology. By providing a range of educational opportunities, we give our students an opportunity to find their passion and a reason to graduate.
  • Career Education: As an advocate for career and technical education programs, Tom has worked to ensure students have access to the training to be hired into high demand, living wage jobs.
  • Community Outreach: Tom is Chair of the BSD School Board Community Outreach Subcommittee where he leads efforts to connect the broader community to the Board. He believes Beaverton schools should be accessible and welcoming to all students and their families.
  • Effective Budgeting: Strong budget decisions require a close eye for detail and input from the community. Tom has pushed for increased transparency in budget documents and more opportunities for community input.

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Wendy Kroger:  Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District, Position #2Tualatin Hills park and recreation district logo

I grew up in the upper Hood River Valley where the grandeur of the Northwest instilled in me a lifelong love of Nature and responsibility for stewardship of our unique planet. Both my professional background and my years of community volunteer service have prepared me for the responsibility of serving on the THPRD Board of Directors. I attained my Masters and Bachelors at the University of Oregon, and I worked in city, county, state and federal jobs as a police dispatcher, counselor, jobs program coordinator, personnel & training director, performance auditor, and investigator. I’ve volunteered in parks, trails, housing, watershed enhancement and served as an Environmental Commissioner and City Planning Commissioner. I bring all these experiences to the THPRD board room. I was appointed to the Board in March 2018 and am running because I wish to fill the remainder of the term.

My goals include:

  • Connecting more people to parks, trails and nature
  • Overseeing efficient use of taxpayer funds
  • Expanding programs for all ages and cultures
  • Growing the district’s community partnerships

 “We need Wendy on the THPRD Board. Her boundless energy and creative ideas help make THPRD the best park system around.” – Denny Doyle, Beaverton Mayor
“Wendy Kroger is a dynamic advocate for parks and trails in Washington County. She embodies Elsie Stuhr’s desire to preserve the natural environment for recreational use and enjoyment. Wendy and I worked together on the THPRD Trails Committee for years and she was a driving force in uniting agencies to build trails throughout the area.”— Barbara Sonniksen, Community Volunteer and Beaverton school teacher
“Wendy understands how critical sports recreation is to the health and wellness of our community. Our playing fields foster healthy minds and bodies, practicing the rules of fair play at every level, and invite access for all. .”—  Bill Kanable, President, Westside Soccer Club

Wendy’s website   |   Wendy’s Facebook page

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Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg:  Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District Position #3Tualatin Hills park and recreation district logo

I grew up in Beaverton and have lived in unincorporated Washington County for the past ten years. I am a PCP and a neighborhood leader, and I am running to serve on the THPRD board of directors because I believe in the district’s mission of access for all. Additionally, I chose to run for position 3 as someone was appointed to this position in the fall and I believe the voters should have a choice in who represents them in elected office. (He has since decided not to run and has endorsed me).

I would like to focus on the accessibility and affordability of the district’s programming, adding dog parks to our district as there are currently only three serving a resident population of 250,000, and I want to ensure that the changing needs of adult athletes are met as the demographics of the district change. I want to make sure that THPRD is listening to the needs of the communities it serves and will make a point to bring the voices of the residents of the community to the decision-making at the board meetings.

“Ashley’s enthusiasm and passion for THPRD and her community are clear. She will advocate for all residents’ needs and bring a professional perspective to ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly.” – Marc San Soucie, Beaverton City Councilor

Ashley’s website   |   Ashley’s Facebook page

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Heidi Edwards:  Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District, Board of Directors, Position #4Tualatin Hills park and recreation district logo

THPRD has been a big part of my life since moving to Beaverton over 20 years ago.  My family and I have shared many ‘firsts’ thanks to THPRD. We have been fortunate to use and explore our many parks, trails, recreation and swim centers. My interest in serving on the Board of Directors is directly related to the fond memories I have of these firsts, and my desire to continue offering such experiences in our community and to represent our diverse community. I want to include our residents as we enhance our parks and recreation district. To do this, I am committed to:

  • Providing affordable and accessible programming.
  • Securing additional natural and open spaces to enjoy.
  • Developing partnerships to maximize investments.
  • Serving all residents, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity or ability.
  • Being a good steward of tax dollars.

“Heidi knows THPRD’s parks, facilities and programs are highly valued. Her experience helping people connect to opportunities in our community is impressive and I am excited by the new leadership and vision she brings.” – Marc San Soucie, Beaverton City Councilor
“I have worked closely with Heidi and know she is dedicated to responding to the needs of residents and will maximize resources to improve THPRD.”
– Becky Tymchuk, Beaverton School Board Chair

Heidi’s website   |   Heidi’s Facebook page

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Tya Ping:  Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District, Board of Directors, Position #5Tualatin Hills park and recreation district logo

Tya Ping is a mother of three young children, a health care provider, a community volunteer, and a longtime resident of Beaverton who grew up enjoying THPRD parks and programs.

After studying at Oregon State University, Tya knew she wanted to return to the community where she grew up to raise her family. She has served as a voice for young families and people of color on the Beaverton City Library Advisory Board and the Washington County Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Tya is committed to parks that build strong, healthy lives & that unite our community through:

  • Increasing Access through Collaboration: Tya will work with local organizations and partners to expand programming that will help working families, people facing health issues, and all of our neighbors
  • Deepening Diversity: Tya will create a welcoming environment in our parks and programs by working intentionally to increase the diversity of both our staff, patrons, and the programs we offer
  • Fighting for Affordability and Accessibility: Tya will work with THPRD leadership to restructure our scholarship program, revisit our pricing structure, and develop more free programs and multi-use, four-season facilities”

“We need a deep evaluation of our priorities, public investments, and our role in the community. Tya will provide that perspective and so much more.”  -Felicita Monteblanco, current THPRD board member

Tya’s website   |   Tya’s Facebook page

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Ben Bowman:  Tigard-Tualatin School Board, Position #2    Tigard Tualatin school board logo

I am a proud product of the Tigard-Tualatin school district. I love our schools for the opportunities and experiences they gave me.

I am running for the school board to use my skills, background, and knowledge to make our district’s educational opportunities even better. I will work to make sure all students have access to sports, extracurricular activities, electives, and clubs. I will support smaller class sizes, particularly at the younger grade levels. I will invest in supporting the social, emotional, and mental health of our students, and I will never stop working to elevate the voices of students, who have the most at stake in education policy decisions.

“I proudly served on the Tigard-Tualatin School Board for 16 years, and I’ve never been more excited about a candidate than I am about Ben. He has a deep understanding of public education, a never-tiring work ethic, and new ideas to improve our schools.” – Dr. Barry Albertson, former school board member

Ben’s website  |   Ben’s Facebook page

Robert Satterwhite: Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Board of Directors, Position 4

I am eager to use my thirty plus years of experience in firefighting and emergency medical services in direction and support for the progressive, efficient and forward-thinking mission of TVF&R. To be part of the team with the fire board, the administration, the line firefighters and support personnel. These amazing professionals continue to provide the very best in EMS, firefighting, prevention, education and community service to the public they protect.

I have 37 years as a professional firefighter, paramedic, volunteer firefighter, apparatus operator, paramedic preceptor, field training officer. An urban, suburban, rural and wildland interface perspective having responded to 911 emergencies in all four environments. I have a reputation for a calm, objective and common-sense approach to finding solutions in times of crisis.

My vision for Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

  • Fast and Effective Emergency Response
  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Technologically Innovative
  • Industry-leading professionalism and customer service.

Bob is a true professional with a forward-thinking view for Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue.  He is the firefighters choice for TVF&R Board of Directors Position 4!

Bob’s website   |   Bob’s Facebook page

West Slope

Andrew Smith: Commissioner West Slope Water District, Position #1

I’m a life-long Oregonian, except for a three-year hiatus in Spokane while attending Gonzaga Law School. My purpose for attending law school was to build a skill set that would help me succeed in a career in public service. After passing the Oregon State Bar I was lucky to have an opportunity to work for Senator Mark Hass during the 2011 legislative session. I went on to spend close to five years with the City of Portland’s Office of Government Relations, focusing on a broad portfolio of state legislative issues. For nearly three years I’ve served as Government Relations Manager for the City of Hillsboro managing all the City’s local, state and federal relations. I’m married to a dedicated public education administrator and have two young daughters ages 3 and 8 months.

I have spent my career in public service. Every day when I go to work I am humbled by the opportunity to serve the public in a professional capacity. I decided to run for West Slope Water District for two main reasons:

  • I felt a strong desire to extend my public service beyond my profession in a voluntary role.
  • I’m confident that after nearly eight years of experience in local government, I have built a skill set that will be truly valuable as an elected official in local government.

Portland Metro

Alex Diaz Rios: Portland Community College Board of Directors, Zone #7Portland community college logo

I am a passionate advocate for education as a first-generation college graduate and public-school teacher. I currently teach social studies and college/career readiness at Westview High School and CREATE Alternative School. As a lifelong resident of Washington County and a former Portland Community College student, I understand the growth and challenges facing our community.

As the next Zone 7 Director for PCC, I am dedicated to building a community coalition to find innovative ways to address the evolving needs of students and partners in our area. Every student, regardless of their race, academic ability, or socioeconomic status should be given access to quality education and services. I will ensure that the board remains focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion for all students and stakeholders, especially those who are underserved and underrepresented in our system.

To ensure that Portland Community College is able to maintain and operate at current service levels, I will work tirelessly on legislative advocacy to help achieve stable and adequate education funding to prevent a tuition hike that would adversely affect unrepresented and first-generation students. I plan to advocate on the behalf of Portland Community College and provide testimony to elected officials in Washington County and throughout the state. I will ensure that we foster a culture of communication and transparency. Together, we can build a coalition to find solutions to that affect our system and the greater community.

“I am supporting Alex Diaz Rios because he is a product of our local public education schools. His youthfulness, energy, and Latinx background will add to the diversity of PCC Board of Directors.  Join me in supporting Alex for PCC Zone 7.” -Jaime Rodriguez, Community Leader

Alex’s website   |  Alex’s Facebook page

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