2020 Candidate Endorsements

Washington County Democratic Party Endorsements
May 19, 2020 Election

The Washington County Democrats only issue official endorsements in non-partisan races.

Below you will find our full list of the eight candidates we have endorsed. These candidates went through a rigorous interview process to be considered. The vote for official endorsement took place at the Central Committee meeting of the Washington County Democrats Central Committee, held on February 26th. Read more below on these candidates as you prepare to vote in the May election!

Candidate and Measure Filings

The information provided on these candidates is active.

That means that we will update our information to keep you up-to-date as we learn more.
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Read about the candidates we have endorced for the Beaverton local races.

2020 primary candidate kate kristiansen photo with washco dems logo blue and teal background

Kate Kristiansen: Beaverton City Council, Position 4

Mother of three children and organizer of Pride events. An advocate for homeless youths, she is making second run for council.

“I am qualified because I care. Our government was designed to be of the people and by the people, that includes me.”

Kate’s Facebook page

2020 primary candidate john dugger photo with washco dems logo blue and teal background

John Dugger: Beaverton City Council, Position 3

“I am running for City Council because I have EVP! Experience to lead, a Vision for our city and a Plan to get it done (we call it our “”Hometown Beaverton”” Plan). I have served our community in several different capacities, including serving on the Budget Committee and Planning Commission (as alternate), and co-founded both Pride Beaverton and Highland Helpers. This work has connected me with neighbors all over the city and exposed to me many of our cities unaddressed needs and voices that are currently missing from the conversation.

My mission: To reconnect this city’s leadership with our neighborhoods and lift up voice that aren’t often heard.
I intend to get to work quickly solving big issues that face our city, including housing costs, houseless people and our ever-worsening congestion.”

John’s website | John’s Facebook page

2020 primary candidate lacey beaty photo with washco dems logo blue and teal background

Lacey Beaty: Mayor of Beaverton

Lacey first served as the Vice-Chair of the Beaverton Community Vision Committee, and the Beaverton City Council since  2014. Now, she uses her council seat to make sure that decisions are community driven. She believes that Beaverton’s next mayor needs to lead community discussions not just about the next four years, but the next 20. That future is why she’s running for mayor.

Lacey’s website | Lacey’s Facebook page

Portland Metro

portland oregon metro logo

Read about the candidates we have endorced for the Metro local races.

Gerritt Rosenthal: Metro Councilor Dist. 3

“I am running because I care about our region – its housing, its economy, its transportation, its natural environment, and its quality of life. I have lived in rural Tualatin for over 28 years and am deeply committed to solving our common regional problems fairly and wisely.

My background in environmental and solid waste assessments, land use planning and my experiences working for both a regional government and for municipal and county governments provides me with a broad regional perspective that all Metro councilors need to serve the entire region. “

  • Improve Metro planning: Protect natural communities; connect habitats; plan for growth, disasters and climate change.
  • Put district residents first: Focus on fixing the worst traffic bottlenecks impacting daily life & commerce.
  • Replace the Columbia River Crossing: Build a bridge that improves commerce, will withstand earthquakes, and serves as a landmark.
  • Improve bike routes and safety: Safe streets & safe school routes; connect regional paths.
  • Support the Portland Zoo: Put animal welfare first; make the Zoo a world leader in species conservation.
  • Increase reuse and recycling: Reuse, repurpose, recycle options in all communities.

Gerritt’s website | Gerritt’s Facebook page

Washington County

Read about the candidates we have endorced for the Washington County local races.

2020 primary candidate nafisa fai photo with washco dems logo blue and teal background

Nafisa Fai: County Commissioner District 1

Nafisa Fai is a small business owner and public health expert dedicated to improving the health and strength of our region. Stay tuned for more infomation about our endorsed candidate!

Nafisa’s website   |  Nafisa’s Facebook page

2020 primary candidate ben marcotte photo with washco dems logo blue and teal background

Ben Marcotte: County Commissioner District 3

“I moved to Washington County in the summer of 1999. That fall, I became involved in the neighborhood’s Community Participation Organization, CPO3, a program operated by the county to encourage and empower public involvement. In 2005, I started to represent CPO3 at the Committee for Community Involvement (CCI), a county-wide advisory body of CPO representatives.

Over the past 20 years of public involvement, I have learned about the many issues and challenges that our county’s government regularly contends with, including those related to having a population of over 200,000 residents living in our urban unincorporated areas.

I have followed the numerous efforts of fellow volunteers to make sure the voices of average county residents are a part of our decision making processes, and I want to honor those efforts by making sure our county continues to strive to be open, honest and transparent.”

Ben’s website

2020 primary candidate red wortham photo with washco dems logo blue and teal background

Red Wortham: County Sherriff

Red Wortham has worked in Washington County public safety for the last 17 years. She started at the work release center for nearly two years before transferring to the Sherriff’s Office. She is passionate about her career, her family and her community.

Red’s website   |  Red’s Facebook page

2020 primary candidate steven burke with washco dems logo blue and teal background

Steven Charles Burke:
Judge of the Circuit Court, 20th District, Position 5 (Washington County Circuit Court)

“I am the candidate with the most experience in broad areas of law running for this position. I want to help the Washington County court continue building its resources to help the public.

I have practiced law in more fields, and for longer than any other candidate. I bring experience in litigation in areas of civil law, family law, and probate. I have experience in criminal law, including being a former Reserve Police Officer with the City of Hillsboro. My trial experience is far and beyond that of my opponents, and that is exactly what the public needs on the bench: the candidate that brings the most.”

“Steve really fought hard for me on my case. He takes his clients’ interest to heart and doesn’t roll over to pressure or bully tactics. He proved to me he has integrity and compassion in his work, and cares about clients. He came through for me when I thought all hope was lost.” – Former client

Steven’s website   |  Steven’s Facebook page

Read Steven’s interview