Divest Oregon Update

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Has the snow, ice, wind, and cold got you down? Looking for a way to respond to the climate change issues we are all facing? The next couple months will be crucial to the Divest Oregon campaign. Read on to learn more.


“Climate change is real.  Planning and acting now to address the investment risks–and opportunities–of the climate crisis is a critical next step in making sure the pension fund will produce strong returns for public employees for generations to come.” — Treasurer Tobias Reed


A MAJOR moment in the Divest Oregon campaign

Oregon Treasurer’s Net-Zero Plan

— it would have never happened without this coalition —

Tuesday, Feb 6 at 9am


Please join fellow coalition members for this important hearing.
Wear green. We will provide Divest Oregon buttons for you.


COAL Act – House Bill 202 – Update

Is your legislator on this list of
Legislative Chief and Co-Sponsors?


If your legislator isn’t a COAL Act supporter yet…

Please email them to ask them to co-sponsor! Here’s a template email you can use to ask them to support the COAL Act – HB 202. Not sure who your legislator is since the boundary changes? Check here.

Read the Capital Chronicle article about HB202 and the Treasurer’s Net-Zero Plan!

Stay tuned for next steps on the COAL Act!

The 2024 Oregon Short Session (February 5–March 10) starts soon. Soon we will learn about which committee! When we do, please be prepared to send in written testimony in early February.

Miss the January Divest Oregon coalition meeting? Check out the slides or video to get more details about what’s going on.

During the January coalition meeting, info was provided about the Oregon Treasury investment in the Rio Grande LNG export terminal on the Gulf Coast including:
  • The indigenous people impacted have not consented to this environmentally racist project, which impacts the climate, the community, and the ecosystem.
  • Our ally Private Equity Stakeholder Project is sponsoring frontline activists to testify in person at the January 24 OIC meeting.
  • Our ally Stop the Money Pipeline has a campaign to target the insurers of this Rio Grande LNG project.


Are you going to a coffee or town hall with your legislator? Here is a good question to ask them:

Coal is one of the most polluting industries. In the 2024 session, will you be supporting HB 202 – the COAL Act to phase out the Oregon Treasury’s coal investments? Read more here.

Donate to upcoming Divest Oregon events…

We are a grassroots, volunteer group in a David & Goliath struggle to encourage the Treasury to decarbonize the $137 BILLION portfolio!
Your contribution will help to pay for some of our expenses such as public records requests, communications with the public about the need to pass legislation, and sponsoring the upcoming Treasurer candidate forum.


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