Divest Oregon Update

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News articles shine a light on the riskiness of Private Equity investments by the Oregon Treasury

This EXPLOSIVE NYTimes article was published yesterday shining a light on the riskiness of the Private Equity investments by the Oregon Treasury. We’ve been reporting on that for some time and nice to see journalists at the NYTimes and now Willamette Week are focusing on this critical issue.

If you’ve read the Divest Oregon’s “Oregon Treasury’s Private Investment Transparency Problem” report, you know that the Private Equity asset class is only a PART of the private investments (between 50-60%) of the PERS fund.

Why does Divest Oregon focus on private investments? It’s not just that the Oregon Treasury makes these highly risky investments AND the Oregon Treasury is the BIGGEST public pension funder of private investments. We focus on them because these private investments are heavily invested in fossil fuels.

Want to learn more about how private investments work? Watch this clever stick figure “story” video!