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By Carl Fisher, PCP, HDL – HD35

In order for Oregon to continue to lead as a beacon of progressive values, it is important to hold that supermajority. What became clear and in 2019 was that even with a supermajority, the Republicans can walk out when they don’t like something. When they walk out … we cannot conduct business. The more legislative seats held by Democrats, the less of a weapon the walkout can be against our commitment to Progressive values.

Three of these legislative seats we’re only won in 2018, so they have a lot of attention from Republicans. They are looking to gain those seats back.

District 24 is considered a bit of an uphill battle, but, because of the walkouts that all Oregonians witnessed from Republicans, we do have a shot at the seat. Read more about each of these candidates to learn about the history of the district, and why we need to get strongly behind these candidates up through election day.

1) District 24 — Lynette Shawseat to flip with a trophy ribbon

lynnette shaw 2020 candidate headshot photo with washco dems logo blue background

The Republican walkouts of 2019 and 2020 inspired a lot of people to get involved in politics for the first time. For some, it even motivated them to run for office. That’s what Lynnette Shaw was motivated to do.

Republican Ron Noble of HD 24 was one of those that couldn’t handle compromise and walked out to prevent the legislature from conducting business. Shaw knows this race is an uphill battle, but as a Carlton small business owner she knows that you have to be able to work through problems with people, not walk out on them when you don’t get your way. She understands climate change will have a huge impact on her district that includes many wineries and farms. She isn’t afraid to have tough conversations with those that might disagree with her. If you know friends in Dundee, McMinnville, Hillsboro, and surrounding areas please tell them about Lynnette.

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2) District 26 — Courtney Neronrace to watch with a trophy ribbon

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In 2017, had you asked most of Oregon’s political establishment if a first-time candidate with only 90 days to run a campaign would have been able to defeat a well-financed incumbent in suburban Washington County, they would have probably laughed at you.

Few people had been paying close enough attention to House District 26 or the ‘leftover’ district as we have been calling it for years (we call it that because we believe it was made of just leftovers from other districts during the last redistricting). Still, if you had been paying close attention to voter registration and demographics since 2014 like our HD 26 activists had you would have known there was a good chance in a wave election year like 2018 we could win it.

Politics is sometimes all about timing. Enter Courtney Neron. We had a strong candidate, willing to go knock on doors and build the community relationships needed to win and she surprised a lot of people outside of the district with her win over the incumbent Republican with much better name recognition. For most incumbents, their first re-election is their toughest race. That’s where Courtney is this year. She’s been a strong advocate for students, our schools, parents, and she has used her time in the legislature to learn about new groups and their struggles like our veteran community. We need to return her to the Oregon House.

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3) District 32 — Debbie Boothe-Schmidtrace to watch with a trophy ribbon

debbie booth-schmidt 2020 candidate headshot photo with washco dems logo blue backgroundThe North Coast is always an interesting place for politics. 2018 saw a lively Democratic primary and general election. 2020 was not as lively, but equally interesting.

State Rep.Tiffany Mitchell is moving out of state and Democrats in HD 32 have nominated Debbie Boothe-Schmidt. If Democrats are able to mobilize in this district that goes from Astoria to Banks we will have gone from State Rep. Debbie Boone to Tiffiny Mitchell to another Debbie! She is a small business owner and former president of her local union. She is interested in affordable housing policy and transportation. She is running against a Timber Unity candidate and this is one of the districts where Timber Unity has a substantial following. If you know someone on the North Coast, encourage them to vote for Debbie.

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4) District 37 — Rachel Prusakrace to watch with a trophy ribbon

rachel prusak 2020 candidate headshot photo with washco dems logo blue background

2018 brought a lot of change to Tualatin. For the first time in many years, we elected a Democrat to the Oregon House from HD 37. Rachel Prusak defeated well known Republican incumbent Julie Parrish. It didn’t seem real for a moment.

For years, Democrats had held a registration edge but Parrish kept beating out our candidates. In 2018, voters had enough and defeated Parrish. It took a lot of canvassing, a lot of calls and texts, and even a fair number of mailers. Our Neighborhood Leaders activated like never before for Rachel. Our progressive allies also got more involved in the district than they ever had been. All these were keys to putting Rachel over the finish line for victory.

Now Rachel is running for her first re-election campaign, and we need to be sure we keep up our activity in this district to send her back to continue her work on the House Healthcare Committee to help us work for universal healthcare and controlling prescription drug costs.

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And, A Multi-County Senate Seat to Flip

District 12 — Bernadette Hansenseat to flip with a trophy ribbon

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Few people realize how large Senate District 12 really is until they run for it. This district contains House Districts 23 & 24. Going from Hillsboro around Rood Ridge Park all the way down to Benton County outside of Corvallis.

Bernadette Hansen is a first-time candidate and has made connections with the Washington County, Yamhill County, Marion County, Polk County, and Benton County Democrats to help her build community connections across such a large number of communities. She understands that rural communities face many of the same issues that urban communities face. Income inequality, homelessness, and affordable housing are all issues that are affecting our rural communities. Making the urban/rural divide less clear. Senate District 12 is being represented by Brian Boquist. I’m not sure how you would describe him. In 2019 he made threatening comments about Oregon State Police and a Senate Committee voted to force him 12 hour written notice before entering the Oregon Capitol.

Is this the kind of Senate we want? Where elected officials make threats to civil servants? I didn’t think so. Please encourage your friends to support Bernadette Hansen and send her a grassroots donation.

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If any of our endorsed candidates excite you, please volunteer!

With the COVID-19 pandemic, these are very strange times, and it is hard for the candidates to get the word out. Normal canvassing activities have come to a halt, and it is up to us to help the candidates that inspire us. Help them by volunteering to get the word out as best we can.

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