Become a Precinct Committee Person in Oregon

Our Purpose for Gathering
Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 248, Section 031

“The precinct committeepersons of the county shall constitute the county central committee of their party. The county central committee of each major political party is the highest party authority in county party matters and may adopt rules or resolutions for any matter of party government within the county which is not controlled by the laws of this state.”

Did you know you can participate in the democratic process at the local level?

You may remember that during the 2016 primaries, there was a lot of attention on local political parties and how they work. There was talk about the rules and procedures that were followed by parties at the local level, and many people grew more curious as to how those procedures came about.

In the state of Oregon, there is a representative position known as the Precinct Committee Person (PCP). The PCP is a large driving force in the organization of local parties. Precinct Committee Persons (or PCPs) are the entry-level officials of the Democratic Party of Oregon. They represent the people that live within their precinct to their county Democratic Party.

Each PCP is a voting member of the Central Committee in their county party, and the Central Committee in each county is authorized to make all decisions relating to its county party. As a Washington County Democrat PCP, you will be voting on official Party business such as candidate endorsements, Party resolutions, as well as electing county Party leadership and Platform Convention delegates.

How does it work?

A precinct is the smallest political unit in the country; it cannot be divided by a legislative, congressional, or supervisorial boundary. A PCP is a representative of the party within the precinct in which he or she resides (a PCP may also serve an adjacent precinct).

PCPs represent their neighbors while they debate and vote on the issues that come before the Central Committee. These issues may include resolutions, rule changes, platform planks and legislative agenda priorities. All PCPs may vote to elect the people that will, in turn, represent them as members of the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon. Elected PCPs may also vote to elect the officers of the WashCo Dems at our biennial reorganizational meeting (in November of even years). Appointed PCPs are not allowed to vote during the reorganizational meeting.

Oregon’s election law authorizes one PCP for every 250 voters from each major political party for every precinct, depending on the size of the precinct. There is one PCP for every 250 voters, with a minimum of 2 PCPs per precinct. Party members may file for election as PCPs in May primary elections or may run as write-in candidates. Vacancies may be filled by appointment between elections at Central Committee Meetings.

Precinct Committee Person opportunities

  • Vote at monthly Central Committee Meetings as a county party delegate
  • Nominate candidates for Democratic vacancies in the state legislature or county commission
  • Participate in County and State Platform Conventions
  • Elect County Central Committee Officers (elected PCPs only)
  • Elect delegates to the State Central Committee
  • Participate in the Neighborhood Leader Program and other Get-Out-The-Vote activities

Other important things PCPs can do

  • Lobby elected officials
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Solicit small donations
  • Get voters’ phone numbers and email addresses
  • Act as a resource whom voters in your precinct can contact for assistance
  • Build community

At important times, each WashCo Dems PCP should contact the voters in their assigned precinct, by phone or door to door. They should establish a personal relationship with the voters in their precinct, provide these voters with information on the Democratic Party and its candidates, and provide the Party and candidates with feedback from the voters.

How to Become a PCP

There are two ways to become a PCP—election and appointment.

PCPs are elected in the May election of even-numbered years.

To be elected, you must file a candidacy form (SEL-105) with the county Elections Office.

The Elections Office will verify that you are eligible for the office of PCP. Your name—and those of all the other PCP candidates that live in your precinct—will be printed on the ballot for all the Democrats within your precinct to vote on. If you don’t file a candidacy form on time, you can still be elected by getting enough of your neighbors to vote for you as a write-in candidate. A minimum of 3 votes is required to be elected.

During non-election years, and after the Primary during election years, you can be appointed a PCP during the Central Committee Meeting.

  1. To be appointed, you can do one of the following:
    • Print, fill out, and sign an application and bring it to a monthly Central Committee Meeting
    • Fill out an application at our Headquarters, located at 140 NE 3rd Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124, in person to be signed and left with the volunteer at the office
    • Meet with a House District Leader and have them sign the application
    • Fill out an application during our monthly Central Committee Meeting, held on the fourth Wednesday of each month (except December) beginning at 7:00 PM, and sign the guestbook. Doors open at 6:30pm for social time. Check website for location.
    • The application will go to the CC for provisional approval.  It is then forwarded to the elections office for certification.

Do I need to be a PCP to volunteer for the Washington County Democrats?

No. Any Democrat can volunteer for the WashCo Dems. Many of our volunteers do not feel the need to participate in the Central Committee and instead contribute to the party by working on our committees, in our office, or on political campaigns. Learn more about other ways to get involved.

Washington County Election Resources

*On the Washington County Election Resources page, look for the most current Democrat Precinct Committee Persons report to check your PCP status.