Group of engaged leaders around a table with devices, smiling and discussingSeeking House District Leader Volunteers to Make a Better Tomorrow

Washington County has consistently had great success in activating Neighborhood Leaders. However, a lot goes into voter mobilization, and we’re always in need of more leadership to reach more voters.  Behind every batch of Neighborhood Leaders, there must be a support structure to get them materials, training, and assistance to do that most vital organizing work–the work of talking to voters.

House District Leaders provide an indispensable organizing backbone for the Washington County Democratic Central Committee (WCDCC). The Leaders help bring the party directly into communities at the house district level. The House District Leaders facilitate recruitment of PCPs, Neighborhood Leaders, and coordinate local events with candidates, such as house parties.

We need to reach more voters to both grow the party and leave nothing to chance in future elections.

One key aspect of this job is to be an organizer of organizers, and that skill takes time to develop. The Campaign Committee (a collection of all House District Leaders) is seeking new people to join us to do organizational work. There is a lot of safety in numbers, as we can then divide up responsibilities, and that makes it less work for everyone. In particular, during the last 60 days before an election, the pace gets pretty furious–you’re having those vital conversations with voters, distributing slate cards and so much more.

There is plenty of time to join up and become a pro!

The House District Leaders act as independent organizers in their districts, creating plans using the tools the party makes available to them and engaging Neighborhood Leaders and PCPs to visit neighbors. The House District Leader position comes with rich campaign tools, voter file access, Neighborhood Leader turf/admin access, recognition as a leader in your house district and participation in crucial campaign operations to get the word out.

Many people serve as House District Leaders prior to running for office both inside and outside the party.

Serving is a great way to gain campaign skills, name recognition, and of course to meet your fellow activists.

The position involves a good deal of critical responsibility, including connecting people in different sections of the party, hearing concerns, and making commitments to deliver materials and to support the work of the Neighborhood Leaders.

House District Leaders are appointed by the county party chair, and serve a term that will end at the central committee organizing meeting following an election. We’re looking for people of all types, abilities, languages, and skill sets to join us.

Feel free to contact our campaign chair at to inquire!