2021 Candidate Endorsements

Washington County Democratic Party Endorsements
May 18, 2021 Election

The Washington County Democrats only issue official endorsements in non-partisan races.

Below you will find our list of the candidates we have endorsed from the May 2021 election. These candidates went through a rigorous interview process to be considered. The votes for official endorsement took place at the Central Committee meetings of the Washington County Democrats Central Committee, held on February 24th and March 24th. Read more below on these candidates as you prepare to vote in the May election!

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School Board Elections

Tigard Tualatin school board logo

Read about the candidates we have endorsed for the Tigard-Tualatin School Board.

david jaimes candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo
Read Jaimes’ Interview

David Jaimes: Tigard-Tualatin School Board, Position 1

“I am a community member, TTSD parent, and educator who is passionate about our school district.  I feel that marginalized students of color in our district deserve representation within our school board.  I also believe that our community deserves a director who will make equitable decisions for the benefit of all students.  In combination with my training and experience as an educator, my background in business and finance provides me with a unique perspective to utilize for fiscally responsible decision making. I will advocate for budgets that are student centered, which means that we would hire people, and purchase curriculum that would directly benefit students.

I will improve student education by working with the curriculum director to ensure that our curriculum adoption process involves students and parents that have been routinely marginalized.  Together we can educate every child!”

The major issues facing the Tigard Tualatin School District are ensuring:

  • That students are kept safe
  • Students getting caught up to grade level expectations
  • We are working towards closing the educational opportunity gap that has widened with the inequities that have been magnified by this pandemic
trisen irvin candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo
Read Tristan’s Interview

Tristan Irvin: Tigard-Tualatin School Board, Position 3

“I am a teacher and mom of three kids. Having spent countless wonderful hours in classrooms, committees and serving on several local boards including the Washington County Family Justice Center board of directors, the City of Tigard Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, I am the President of the Foundation for Tigard Tualatin Schools, and am the president of the Durham Elem School Parent Support Organization. These experiences allowed me to realize that I could take this passion and purpose to the next level. It gives me an opportunity, along with the other board members, to take real action on some of what I’ve seen as a teacher and parent throughout the past 12 years.

In addition to having my MA in Education, I have been active within the TTSD community serving on committees for the Student Success Act, budget, and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion. I am committed to fiercely advocating for our teachers, amplifying student voices, and prioritizing issues that affect our students of color and our LGBTQIA2s+ students, as well as issues that specifically affect our students that identify as female. I will work to ensure that our district shows IN ACTION the resolutions and policies that have been written in regards to our BIPOC and LGBTQIA2s+ students and community members.

Most importantly, I want the school board to take bold strokes on continuing and actualizing the diversity/equity/inclusion work they have started. I want to continue to build awareness across our communities. Policies and words aren’t enough. Our children need to see, hear, and feel, that policy in action every day at school.”

marvin lynn candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo
Read Marvin’s Interview

Dr. Marvin Lynn: Tigard-Tualatin School Board, Position 5

“For nearly three decades, I worked as an elementary and middle school teacher. I then  served as a professor and administrator in institutions of higher education for the last twenty years. As someone nationally recognized as an expert on race and the education of BIPOC learners I have published dozens of research articles, book chapters, opinion pieces, and an edited book on these topics.

I am married to Adwoa Lynn who is a Registered Nurse at Providence St. Vincent, and we are parents to three academically successful and athletically involved boys: Kwabena, Naasei, and Sidney.”

A servant leader who serves on several state and national boards including the Carnegie Project for the Education Doctorate, the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Providence Hospitals’ Oregon Community Ministry Board, the Oregon Educator Advancement Council, and the Oregon Educator Equity Advisory Group, my priorities are:

  • Working to close gaps in achievement between diverse learners by transforming curriculum
  • Teaching, developing, and implementing policy that supports the continued diversification of the educator workforce
  • Increasing access to Universal Pre-K
  • Building a robust online learning program that is available as a regular option for all
  • Ensuring that students in TTSD are college and career-ready
  • Increasing and expanding talented and gifted and dual-credit programs for all
  • Supporting differentiated learning experiences for all
  • Working closely with student groups to ensure that they are able to help guide the future of the district
Hillsboro school district logo

Read about the candidates we have endorsed for the Hillsboro School Board.

erika lopez candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo

Erika Lopez: Hillsboro School Board, Position 1

“I believe that the investment we make now in our children will be what we inherit as a community in our future. I want to ensure we have successful, contributing members of our community that go on to live abundant lives. I’m passionate about elevating student voices and enfranchising our communities of color in our systems.

During my tenure we voted to: add student representatives to our board, adopted an Educational Equity Policy, passed a $408 Million Capital Construction Bond, adopted Comprehensive Sexuality Health Curriculum, and expanded our Parent Advisory Committees (PAC’s) to add the Asian Pacific Islander PAC and our Black Family Village PAC. I want to continue the vision and values of our current board to have a safe, welcoming and inclusive district.

My lived experience as a bilingual, bicultural student navigating our educational system is a unique lens I bring to board leadership. I don’t have to speculate on the needs of our families who are experiencing disparities in educational outcomes due to our current structure. I have lived it as a student and continue to live it now as a parent in the district. We need voices like mine to inform the decision we make to serve all students in our community. My professional background working in government over the last decade has also provided me a better understating of systemic change, public agency structure, and governance. I have worked in Assessment & Taxation, Finance, Procurement, Public Contracting, and most recently in Community Development.”

mark watson candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo

Mark Watson: Hillsboro School Board, Position 2

I have the experience to break down the complex issues facing HSD. The past few years I’ve thrown myself into learning and engaging at all levels of local government.  I serve on the Metro Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC) and I’m working in State Representative Janeen Sollman’s legislative office for the 2021 Legislative Session.  I hope to continue using that regional lens to create solutions for the Hillsboro School District during my second term on the Board of Directors.

Returning students to in-person instruction is our main priority. As the federal and state guidelines change, we are working to bring students back full-time. If you’ve watched board meetings online during the pandemic, you’ve seen I have consistently advocated for maximizing the number of students we can safely bring back to the building. We must also brace the potential fall out of the economic crisis on our budget, and I am prepared to address  the flawed “current service level” through a deep understanding of the process. Working with the legislature I’m optimistic we can address this issue more directly.

Erika Lopez, Chair – Hillsboro School Board: “Mark is always engaging with the HSD community.  He uses that understanding to ensure the needed diversity, equity and inclusion work of our district is approached with empathy and compassion.”

Read Mark’s Interview
nancy thomas candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo

Nancy Thomas: Hillsboro School District, Position 3

“In the fall of 2019, Hillsboro School Board reached out to the Black and African American parents of the district and asked if they wanted to organize and have a direct voice with the school board. I was one of the parents that answered that call. Despite the pandemic and lockdown in March of 2020, a small group of parent leaders lead the effort to create what we now have as the Black Village Family Advisory Committee, formed and launched in August 2020. Once the parents had a recognized advisory committee, it was only logical that we look toward representation directly on the board. I answered the call and decided that momentum and timing was on our side for a seat at the school board table.

With my unique legal, auditing and human services lens, I bring valuable skills and experience to a complex position especially during a global pandemic. I look forward to being the first Black voice on the Hillsboro School Board. It is critical that our children, their families and our communities are equitably reflected in the school board.“

My top priorities can be summarized as follows:

  • Furthering the recruitment, hiring and retention of teachers, administrators and staff from under represented communities.
  • Intentional focus on equitable resource distribution for children who have disabilities, have IEPs, identify as LGBTQ or are members of Black, African American, Indigenous, Latino and other underrepresented communities.
  • To further the efforts to bring a local school levy to our community in support of our school district. It is important to replenish the tax dollars that do not return to our school district and community that is growing rapidly
  • Bring professional experience with large public budgets to deal with upcoming tough budget decisions for the district.
jaci spross candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo

Jaci Spross: Hillsboro School Board, Position 6

“I am proud to have served my community and the Hillsboro School District on their Board of Directors for the last 4 years, since being elected in 2017 it has been an amazing journey. My implicit biases have been challenged and I found my voice.  I used this voice to advocate for equity and resources for every student in our district.

I am running for re-election to the Hillsboro School Board to continue the hard work we have done for the last 4 years.  I have and always will continue to make decisions that are in the best interest of all our students, decisions that are based on best practices, law, research and facts.  I promise to always listen to learn, speak my mind and vote my conscience, with your support I will continue to advocate for all our students. When making decisions, I also consider if it is equitable and culturally responsible.

Increasing communication with our parents and community continues to be a top priority for me.  We have many new, active parent groups and I will continue to join their meetings and promote them to increase engagement.  Our district serves three distinct cities, Hillsboro, North Plains and Cornelius, I will work for more collaboration to allow sharing of best practices and encourage sharing resource opportunities.  Over the last 4 years I have always listened, asked the difficult questions and stood up for the facts.  With my experience and leadership skills I will hit the ground running to move our district forward with opening schools, advocating for adequate funding and creating safe spaces for our staff and students.”

Read Jaci’s Interview
Beaverton school district logo

Read about the candidates we have endorsed for the Beaverton School Board.

susan greengerg candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo

Susan Greenberg: Beaverton School District Director, Zone 1

“As a Board Member, I’ve championed increased support for struggling students, worked to create more inclusive and safe school environments, and helped add programs for college prep, music, and math so students have more diverse learning opportunities. In addition to my work on the school board, both of my children attended Beaverton School District schools and I have a long record of advocacy for improving our schools, including fighting for more funding for our schools as a Stand for Children leader and serving on the Beaverton Education Board, and years of volunteer leadership in our schools.

I was first elected in 2013, and I ran for the Beaverton School Board because of my dedication to improve the education we provide our students, increasing the resources available to them, and advancing equitable learning opportunities for our diverse populations.

A mom of two, I first became involved in our schools as President of the Montclair Elementary PTO before becoming a leader in the Beaverton Stand for Children and President of Friends of International School of Beaverton. As a Board Member, I have served on the Budget Committee and Music and Math Curriculum Task Forces to expand learning options available to students.

I am running for re-election because we’ve made real progress, but I know there is much to do to ensure our students and schools recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our students, parents, teachers, and community have faced great challenges this year. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our schools have the resources needed for our children and teachers to return to school safely and to overcome any learning loss or setbacks caused by this pandemic.”

karen perez de silva candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo

Karen Pérez-Da Silva: Beaverton School District Director, Zone 2

“I know first-hand the power that teachers and mentors have to positively shape the  lives of students – when we create schools where students feel safe, valued and heard, we are creating spaces where they can thrive and reach their potential.   As a mom, a teacher and a leader,  that is precisely what I want our schools to be – places where every student is given the opportunity to thrive.

I am a Latina mom with a blended family who attend school in the BSD. I am an experienced teacher, administrator, researcher, and doctor. I have led equity work at the district and at the national level. I have supported inclusive curriculum, social/ emotional support for all students including, but not limited to: our LGBTQ2SIA+ plus students, our BIPOC students, students who experience disabilities, and for those who are impacted by poverty and other forms or discrimination.  I have experience in developing state level and district level rules, policies and budgets, such as the Student Investment Account, Measure 98, English Language Learners, Dual Language Programs and Diversifying the workforce, Tribal History and Shared History, and other state and district curriculum.

My message to the BSD students is that your race, color, religion, gender-identity, gender-expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability and coming from a multi-lingual family are all really your superpowers. You have the right to a high-quality education, to experience belonging and to have an opportunity to THRIVE in our BSD Schools.”

I am running because I want to use my professional, educational, lived and cultural wealth to advocate for:

  • Safe & Culturally Responsive Schools- schools where students are safe from hate and bias and where they have culturally and linguistically responsive educational spaces and curriculum.
  • Equity in Opportunity with budgets and accountability measures. Currently 10% of BSD students are failing, not passing or have incompletes…what now
  • Student & Community Voice as a critical part of our BSD decision making process.
Read Karen’s Interview
sunita garg candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo

Sunita Garg: Beaverton School District Director, Zone 4

“My biggest priority in this campaign is to make sure that all children receive a good quality education. Good quality education can mean different things to different people. To me, it means that they have access to the tools for academic accomplishment and achievement into their next journey after K-12. Our duty is that our children are ready for college, university, or the workforce.

If elected as the next School Board Member, I will be laser-focused on ensuring that our students have a solid foundation to reach their best potential. Good quality education also means comprehensive education that incorporates opportunities to learn music, language studies, and extracurricular activities. But most importantly, we need children to embrace the value and importance of education and its enduring lifetime impacts on the love for learning. We want them to be critical thinkers who ask good questions to make good choices in life; to be kind, compassionate, and respectful to themselves and others in the community..”

ugonna enyinnaya candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo

Ugonna Enyinnaya: Beaverton School District Director, Zone 5

“I am running for Beaverton School board to represent our underserved communities by championing equity and diversity. As a parent of a student with special needs, I am aware of  the importance of equity in education which requires we understand the unique challenges and barriers faced by students with disabilities, students from ethnic or racial minority backgrounds, low income backgrounds, and English language learners. I am running for students like my son, students with autism, dyslexia, intellectual disability or any other form of learning challenge.

I am running to eliminate racial inequities that exist within our school system especially in the disciplinary policies that disproportionately impact students of color. Statistics show a trend of criminalization that involves a growing use of zero tolerance policies that tends to marginalize students of color and deny them access to education. These unequal treatments can start as early as preschool and continue throughout  a child’s education. Imagine the emotional and mental trauma that could inflict on the child.

I am running to bridge the diversity gap in the school board and in our school system. To bring fresh perspectives and elevate new voices in our community.”

Community College Board Elections

Portland community college logo

Read about the candidates we have endorsed for the Portland Community College Board.

laurie cremona wagner candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo
Read Laurie’s interview

Laurie J. Cremona Wagner: Portland Community College, Position 1

“Education is the key to success for Oregon students, families, communities, and businesses. I want to work to connect students with today’s careers to build a better future for all of us – especially right now. The COVID pandemic has caused unemployment claims to reach over 400,000 in Oregon. The virus exposed and worsened weaknesses in Oregon’s higher education and workforce system, from college affordability to disparities in access, to the funding challenges community colleges already faced. Oregonians currently most impacted are communities of color, women, younger, and lower-income workers. Education is the key to a faster, more equitable economic recovery. PCC is the largest higher education institution and college in Oregon – and the economic first responder that will help Oregon recover more quickly from this downturn.

We have to accelerate work to put racial equity and front-line workers at the center; and put decision-making and solution-building as close to the community as possible – allowing higher education, business and communities to partner in addressing short-term and long-term economic circumstances and priorities. Most critically, we need to increase awareness of job possibilities and pathways among those who have been traditionally marginalized in our community – to energize the potential workforce that hasn’t been given the support required to enter and succeed in workforce development or higher learning.

Today I serve as co-chair Portland Community College’s Business Advisory Committee and am a member of PCC’s Computer Information Services Advisory Board. I also serve on the board of Clackamas Women’s Services. Last year I was appointed by Governor Kate Brown to serve on Oregon’s Workforce and Talent Development Board.”

Mohamed Alyajouri: Portland Community College, Position 6

I am an elected member of the Portland Community College Board of Trustees. PCC is the largest academic institution in Oregon, serving over 75,000 students each year at four campuses and six satellite centers.  PCC positively impacts communities and transform the lives of students regardless of age, gender, race, nationality or socioeconomic background.

My own educational journey has benefited tremendously from Community College coursework. I will advocate for affordable, quality education to all who seek to improve their personal lives and career options. As a first generation Immigrant and proud Oregonian, I am honored and excited to add my voice to support PCC’s continued commitment to a collaborative culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

reiko williams candidate headshot with school photo in background and democrat logo
Read Reiko’s interview

Reiko Mia Williams: Portland Community College, Position 7

“With more than 20 years of experience working with children and families to support their educational, social-emotional, and financial well-being, I have dedicated my life to improving the experiences of low-income, underserved and under-represented communities. I know first-hand the challenges faced by families who work to earn a living while raising children.

Early in my career, my work focused on helping families struggling with addiction, criminal justice, and those in foster care with accessing career, jobs, education, and training programs. I took that background and led the recruitment of under-represented students, preparing them for accessing higher education through applying for admission, scholarships, and financial aid. I worked to provide opportunities for high school students from all over the state. This passion and love led me to create a faculty and staff of color network at the university. I later began advising and counseling students at Portland Community College, recruiting students to take upper division courses offered on the campus at PCC.  All the while, I raised three daughters as a single mother juggling working, volunteering, and parenting.”

Working 20 years in education, I understand that K-12 education and our Community College system together are the gateway to a better life. We can and must do more. I pledge to:

  • Expand Access: Keep tuition affordable. Get our fair share of financial aid for students
  • Ensure teaching programs meet each students’ unique needs
  • Promote Equity & Inclusion: Invest in programs to reduce racial, gender, and income gaps in student performance and completion. Diversify staff and instructors.
  • Value Collaboration, Transparency & Fiscal Accountability: Set clear goals for student success, community engagement, and fiscal accountability.
  • Improve Student Success and Public-Private Partnerships: Build workforce and career technical education partnerships between Portland Community College and businesses throughout the Metropolitan Area.

City Council

Read about the candidates we have endorsed for Beaverton City Council.

ashley hartmeier-prigg candidate headshot with council photo in background and democrat logo

Ashley’s website | Ashley’s Facebook page

Lacey Beaty, Beaverton Mayor: “I’m proud to support Director Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg to fill my seat on Beaverton’s City Council. At a time when our city and our region are growing and changing fast, Ashley is the proven leader who will make sure we don’t leave behind the hardworking people whose sacrifice made this community great as we take Beaverton to the next level. As Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation Director, Ashley’s leadership ensured that 600 families will soon have access to affordable housing to our community, and that is the kind of leadership and collaboration we need on this Council.”

Read Ashley’s interview

Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg: Beaverton City Council, Seat 1

I’m running for City Council because I love this city, and I believe that everyone who wants to live here should be able to work and thrive in Beaverton. I worry that too many people who work in Beaverton can no longer afford to live here or are struggling to pay their bills while working multiple jobs. I am the current chair of the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District board, the largest special district in the state. I’m proud of the work I’ve accomplished as President of the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District Board to help bring more affordable housing units to Washington County. I’m ready to have a bigger impact on our community as Beaverton’s next City Councilor. I have direct experience with policy making that can improve the lives of members of our community, and I want to continue this work at the City of Beaverton.

As a THPRD Director I have led our district during the pandemic with authenticity and integrity, and enacted policy around affordable housing. I have built relationships with other regional elected leaders and know that one of my strengths is consensus building, which is why I earned the endorsements of Metro Chair Lynn Peterson, Washington County Chair Kathryn Harrington and Beaverton Mayor Lacey Beaty.

Our world is still dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, I believe I am the most qualified candidate for City Council as I have experience leading an elected board during this tumultuous time and enacting policy related to one of the area’s top issues, affordable housing. I was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital, grew up on 12th Street, attended school in Beaverton and have worked at Nike, Inc. for 9 years — Beaverton and I have grown up together.

Parks and Rec

THPRD parks and rec logo

Read about the candidates we have endorsed for Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation.

Felicita Monteblanco, THPRD Position 1

“I’m the first Latina on the Board of Directors and the youngest woman to be elected to this position. My lived experience, my values has shaped what I champion: affordable housing, childcare, stronger partnerships, outreach, etc. We need more diversity, in every definition, in elected leadership. I am excited to run for a second term as there is still much I want to continue working on: improving safety in our parks: lighting, community patrol, addressing climate change by working with the City of Beaverton on their Climate Action Plan, letting the community lead by ensuring the district incorporates the Community Vision Plan, and prioritizing participatory budgeting, and more!”

Commitment to equity and accessibility:

  • System Development Charge (SDC) waivers for 632 affordable housing units
  • FREE Childcare at both advisory council meetings and Board Meetings
  • Reducing barriers for our undocumented community to volunteer
  • Recruiting more women of color and moms to serve in leadership roles
  • Cultural Communication training for Board of Directors
  • Initiated the first joint board meeting with the Beaverton School District since 1995
  • Significant Engagement with Metro through various committees
alfredo moreno candidate headshot with park photo in background and democrat logo
Alfredo’s interview

Alfredo Moreno, THPRD Position 2

“Born in the border city of El Paso, Texas, I grew up in the timber town of Roseburg in Southern Oregon and have lived in the Portland metro area since 2010. My wife, Kristin, and I have thoroughly enjoyed raising our two young kids in South Beaverton, whose playgrounds and trails have been a mental health sanctuary over the past year.  I love living in Beaverton and Washington County. I care deeply about representation and the inclusion of our diverse communities. I have a lifelong passion for meaningful connection and relationship building. And I am determined to help build a better community for my kids and all of our kids in this area to grow up in.

The pandemic has magnified how essential THPRD’s parks and facilities are to our entire community. Our parks and recreation facilities have a tremendous impact on our mental and physical well-being. It’s crucial that every community member throughout the district feels these resources are accessible to them and their families. I believe it’s critical for the district to stabilize, then continue its work to remove barriers that prevent more people (especially low income, working families) from benefitting from its essential services.”

Barbie Minor, THPRD Position 3

“I’m happily married for over 17 years and am the proud mom of two incredible children ages 15 and 11.  My family has benefitted from the many resources offered and provided by THPRD for over 15 years.  We’ve enjoyed everything from learning to dance and playing sports, to summer camps and swimming, and of course countless trips to our favorite parks and trails.  It is this deep and genuine appreciation for the critical role THPRD plays in our community that inspires me to give back by serving on the Board of Directors.

I will advocate for continued preservation of natural spaces, as well as expanding and procuring new land, with an emphasis on equitable design.  I will continue the great work being done to establish THPRD as a leader in responding to climate change and reducing THPRD’s carbon footprint, as identified as a key priority by THPRD’s Visioning Task Force.

I am driven to ensure that the Board of Directors remains committed and intentional in the effort to serve and represent all members of our diverse community.  Every decision I make will be centered and guided by the commitment to dismantle systemic racism and address the needs of underserved and underrepresented communities.”