The Finance Committee

Learn about the Finance Committee

What We Do

The Finance Committee takes responsibility for raising the money that the Washington County Democrats will need to cover their budget on a yearly basis. The funds that we raise each year allow our county party to take a multifaceted and highly effective approach to driving Democratic turnout and promoting progressive Democratic policies in our county.

Most of the fundraising that we do occurs at our three yearly fundraisers: SpringFest (March or April), Summer Picnic (July or August), and the Neuberger Banquet (October or November). Additional fundraising avenues that we pursue include our sustaining donor program (known as the Blue Horizon Fund), sales of custom merchandise, and occasional outings to fun things like Hillsboro Hops games.

Our tasks vary widely, from researching and booking caterers, to soliciting donations of goods or money, to contacting people to invite them to our events, to coming up with fun new activities that we could help us raise money.

Who We Are

We are people who like seeing the money that we raised turn into local Democratic wins at election time! As Finance volunteers, we are people who recognize that fundraising empowers our grassroots activists to make a difference. By helping to amplify the voices of everyday citizens right here in Washington County, the money that we raise directly supports democracy, in the most fundamental sense of the word.

What We Look For

We look for both planning volunteers and on-site event volunteers. In general, it helps to have at least a little outgoingness in your personality, but introverts have a place on our team too.

Planning volunteers are people that can attend 4-6 event planning meetings in advance of each fundraiser, or who are willing to work on their own time in coordination with the Finance Chair or Event Chair. Our planning volunteers are team players even when they’re taking the lead, and they often have creative or decisive personalities. Our on-site event volunteers arrive a few hours before the start of an event to help us prepare, and are good at following directions, asking lots of questions, and helping to solve problems.

If any of that sounds like you, please contact the Finance Chair at