Blue Horizon Founders

After the 2004 President Election, the Democratic Party of Washington County wanted to map a strategic plan to focus more locally in turning the county Blue.

Washington County was very much a red county at the time, and Democratic representation in the State Legislature was lacking. After meeting with the Oregon House and Senate Democratic members, the Executive Board and Elected Officials agreed that having a permanent office would make a difference in gaining Democratic seats in Salem. Nearly 100 Grassroots Democrats in Washington County pledged donations to realize this dream. A year later in 2005, the County Party raised enough funds to open our first office.

A Democratic Headquarters in the county became a reality.

With sincere gratitude, we thank our founders that catapulted the beginning of a Blue Horizon to support the Party’s mission to elect Democrats spanning from Special Districts, the County Board, all the way to the State Legislature and beyond.

Alan Peck & Elizabeth Rathburn
Alexa & Bill Lewis
Alice Bartelt*
Benjamin E. Fain Jr
Bill & Luann Pelton
Bill* & Wendy Kroger
(Rep) Brad Avakian
Brett & Corinne Stonier
Carmen M. Dunnington*
Carol & Terry Bennett
Carol Greenough
Charlann Snider
(Sen) Charlie Ringo
Chris Andersen
(Rep) Chuck & Katie Riley
Danny & Betty Barnes
David Booth
(Congressman) David Wu
(Rep) Debbie Boone
Dennis & Jeannine Rychlik
(Comm) Dick Schouten
Doug Plambeck*

Ellen Eckstein
Gary Jelinek*
Gary Magnuson
Gerritt Rosenthal
Greg & Veronica Bechtel
Gregg Sashkin
Heather Packer
Henriette Beigh
Ivan Pacheco*
J. Mack & Linda Shively
James & Sadie McIntyre*
(Rep) Jeff Barker
Jennifer Warren*
Joann Swick
Jodi Heatherington
John & Jeanne Atkins
John & Tricia Lorr
John T. Kirkwood
John W. Miller
Jon McWilliams

Karin Olson
Kathryn Harrington
Ken Brown
Kimberly Goddard-Kropf*
Kurt David
Laird Hastay*
(Rep) Larry Galizio
Larry & Alisa Hilton
Leon Coleman*
Luis* & Dorila Nava
Lupita Maurer*
Marilyn McWilliams
Mary O’Donnell
Mike Bohan & Linda Meyer
Mike Hiland*
(Rep) Mitch & Harriet Greenlick
Monica Foster
Nancy Thompson
Nellie M. Fox-Edwards
Peter & Marianne Malen
Peter Davidson
Reyna Eisenberg*

(Sen) Richard Devlin
Rick Ross
Robert & Ramona Crocker*
Dr. Robert Seward
Robert Steinegger
Roger & Mary Pothoff
Ruthanne Lidman
(Sen) Ryan Deckert
Scott Sanders & Lorain Hill-Sanders
Sheila & Carl Fink
Steve & Ann Conley
Steve & Karen Packer*
Steven Maurer
Sudarshan & Kerry Cadambi
Suzanne Bonamici & Michael Simon
Tobias Read
Trent Lutz
Ty Pettit & Joana Olaru-Pettit
Veronica Williams
Virginia & Marjorie Ross
Wayde & Janna Nelson
Whitney Bates

*2005-2006 Exec Board members

washington county democrats blue horizon logo

Monthly Sustaining Donations

Our wonderful Sustainers are the people who give monthly and are responsible for keeping our office open. Our Sustaining Donors are so important to us that we’ve given them a special name: the Blue Horizon Donors. They help us keep our office open year-round, and we always try to do a little extra to thank these special folks. Whether you give $5 per month or $50, any amount is welcome!

Your continued support is vital to helping us elect representatives who share our Democratic values and goals!

The Fine Print:

Please note: Contributions or gifts to the Washington County Democratic Party are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Oregon allows a state tax deduction of $50 per individual tax filer (or $100 for joint filers) for political contributions.

Before you contribute, you must agree to the following:

  1.  I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (i.e., green card holder).
  2. This contribution is made from my own funds, and funds are not being provided to me by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.
  3. I am at least eighteen years old.