The 2022 Endorsement Process and Intake Form

The 2022 Endorsements Committee of the Washington County Democrats invites all candidates seeking endorsement for local races* in advance of the May 17th election to read and respond to the following:

The primary purpose of the Washington County Democratic Central Committee (WCDCC) is to elect Democratic candidates to both partisan and nonpartisan political positions. To achieve this goal the WCDCC actively endorses qualified Democrats, and can often provide resources to help them succeed in their campaigns for office. If elected, you will be expected to attend some Democratic Party events and support Washington County Democratic values.

Any Washington County Democrat registered as a Democrat for more than 6 months prior to their election may apply for this assistance after officially filing with Washington County, or their city, for that position. By completing the following application, having an interview with the endorsement committee, and obtaining the endorsement of the WCDCC at their monthly meeting, you will complete your endorsement process.

Please be advised that as a county party, we would also expect the endorsed candidate to participate in and contribute their resulting political knowledge with WCDCC.

The Endorsements Committee of the Washington County Democrats invites all Democratic candidates seeking endorsement before the May 17th election to make the committee aware of your intention by completing the application linked below. Applications will be accepted from Tuesday, January 18, 2022, through 5pm Monday, February 14. Upon review of your application, the Endorsements Committee will contact you to schedule an interview. Early filing and endorsement will deliver maximum campaign benefits to the early bird candidate, as there are several subsequent deadlines. If you miss the February 14 early bird cutoff date, please submit your application as soon as possible.

*The Washington County Democrats endorse in local, non-partisan elections. Examples of non-partisan races include (but are not limited to): city councilor, school board member, or county commissioner. In partisan primary elections, such as the Democratic primary for state legislative seats, we do not officially take a position.  We let the Democratic voters decide who the nominee will be, then come together behind that nominee in the general election.  See our guidance to candidates: click here >

Please read through the Party Platform before your interview to become familiar with the Party’s positions.

Click here to fill out the application

Candidate filing for May 17, 2022 ends March 8

Please submit your application as soon as you can to be invited for your interview. The Endorsements Committee will contact you to schedule your interview once the Committee receives your completed application

  • January 18 – February 14 – Applications will be accepted for consideration for the March 2nd Special Endorsements Meeting *
  • March 2 – Special Endorsements Meeting for candidates to make statements and be formally endorsed by voting members of the Party
  • March 8 – County filing deadline for this election
  • March 10 – Voters’ Pamphlet statement deadline for County candidates
  • March 10 – Deadline to submit copy for slate cards to the Washington County Democrats Campaign Committee
  • March 21 – Voters’ Pamphlet statement deadline for City candidates

* If you miss the February 14 application deadline, please submit your application as soon as possible. Consideration for endorsement will be reviewed for the subsequent WCDCC Central Committee meeting.

Please email if you have questions along the way. Someone from the committee will get back to you.

Thank you for your candidacy goals,
Endorsements Committee, Washington County Democrats

Diane Doctor, Chair
Joanne Delmonico
Cynthia Moffett
Sushmita Poddar
Reiko Williams