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Key Races

Why are some of our Dem races considered key or critical?

Much of understanding comes from polling, fundraising and the actual year. It has been harder to get Democrats out to the polls in midterm years. In past midterm elections, we have lost House District 30 and House District 29.  Our Republican opponents in these two districts are more serious than other districts in the county. They tend to raise more money and the GOP Leadership PACs are supporting their opponents with large donations (Alexander Flores, in SD 15 has benefited from over 200k in in-kind donations; 150k from the Leadership Fund alone).

House District 37 is getting a lot of attention as a potential big win for Dems because it has a Democratic registration edge, and a Republican incumbent that has really displeased the voters (Measure 101). It’s a district that could help win us a legislative supermajority. House District 32 is an open race for the first time since at least 2004, and the district has changed a lot. Tillamook County is a pivot county (a county that voted for Obama in 08, 12, but then voted for Trump in 2016).  Not only are there three candidates running, but Tim Josi, who lost the Democratic nomination, has endorsed the REPUBLICAN candidate!!!

As Democrats, we need to win:  (Senate District 15, House District 29, 30,32) to keep our current majority. If we win House District 37 Democrats will have a house supermajority. If we win one more senate district …then, the Democrats will have a supermajority in the state senate.

It comes down to defending our incumbents that get targeted by the GOP and interest groups, and seeking to expand the map as the electorate continues to become more progressive.

Kate Brown

Kate Brown started her career as a legal advocate for vulnerable children and families, fighting to make Oregon a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

  • Worked to launch the Future Ready Oregon program, a skill and job training initiative for students and adults. Future Ready Oregon is designed to close the skills gap between the skills Oregon’s workers have and the skills that the state’s growing businesses need.
  • Focused on increasing our high school graduation rates and ensuring every student has a plan for the future.
  • Protected Oregon healthcare access, because everyone deserves a doctor they can count on and healthcare they can afford.
  • Protected our public lands, clean water, and air quality for future generations. Made the largest investments in education in Oregon history and funded full-day kindergarten.
  • Increased the minimum wage, because no one working full time should be living in poverty.
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Chuck Riley
State Senator, District 15

Chuck Riley is a proud resident of Washington County. He is a retired small business owner, Air Force veteran, and a progressive member of the Oregon State Senate.

Zip Codes: 97006, 97106, 97113, 97116, 97123, 97124, 97133, 97229

After growing up on his father’s farm in Illinois, Chuck enlisted in the Air Force, where he broke Soviet codes and helped design Air Force One. When he moved to Oregon, he worked as a systems analyst before eventually opening his own computer consulting business. As a small business owner, he learned what it was like to cut through red tape and make his business succeed.

In November 2004, Chuck Riley defeated Republican incumbent Mary Gallegos to serve District 29 in the Oregon House of Representatives. Over the next six years, Chuck served his community and solved the tough problems facing Washington County.

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Courtney Neron
State Representative, District 26

As a teacher and a mother, Courtney is focused on the future. She knows firsthand the importance of a strong public education, affordable housing, accessible health care, and environmental stewardship. Courtney is invested in the livability of our region for generations to come.

Zip Codes: 97006, 97007, 97062, 97123, 97140, 97223, 97224

Today, Courtney and her family live in Wilsonville. This spring, after her 9th year of teaching, she resigned hoping to find a different avenue for supporting staff and students in public education. Courtney sees securing a seat in the House of Representatives as an ideal place to impact smaller class sizes and better funding. She will work hard to fund the education that students and teachers deserve.

Courtney also wants to work toward safer communities, logical transportation solutions and necessary environmental protections. She wants to support working families by championing equal pay for equal work and affordable childcare.

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Susan McLain
State Representative, District 29

I was born and raised right here in the Willamette Valley. Some of my earliest memories are of the farm I grew up on up, those hours working the fields taught me the values of discipline and hard work, values that shaped me into the person I am now. During my freshman year of high school I got involved with speech and debate, this experience instilled in me the value of community and the importance of multiple perspectives, not just when making decisions but for looking at the world.

Zip Codes: 97113, 97116, 97123, 97124

After realizing the importance that school and education had on me I decided to attend Western Oregon University and become a teacher. For 42 gracious years, one of the greatest joys of my life was serving as a teacher and speech and debate coach in Hillsboro. My home away from home was my classroom. During my time as a teacher and while raising a family I had the distinct honor of serving on the Metro Council for 16 years where I fought to sustain Oregon’s economic, environmental, and cultural vitality. I am running to keep fighting for Washington County families, workers, and community members who deserve a strong voice in Salem for their needs.

Janeen Sollman
State Representative, District 30

Janeen Sollman, first elected to the Oregon House of Representatives in 2016, serves on the House committee on Education and the House committee on Higher Education and Workforce Development. Janeen served on the Hillsboro School Board from 2009-2017 and was Board Chair from 2011-2013. While on the school board Janeen was involved in several committees, including the Budget, Audit, and Superintendent Evaluation committees. She is a steering member of the Career & College Pathways Committee and continues to serve in this capacity.

Zip Codes: 97006, 97106, 97113, 97116, 97123, 97124, 97133, 97229

As an active volunteer, Sollman has been a long-time advocate for her community. She has helped homebound seniors with Meals on Wheels, assisted homeless families with the Washington County Project Homeless Connect, and served as a committed volunteer in local schools to make sure that every student has the opportunity to succeed. Janeen is a Metro Master Recycler and enjoys helping the community in their Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renew efforts.

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Tiffiny Mitchell
State Representative, District 32

As a working-class Oregonian, I know what it means to have student loans, trying to afford a roof over your head and working hard to make ends meet and get ahead.

Zip Codes: 97106, 97109, 97113, 97116, 97117, 97119, 97125, 97144

I moved to the coast with my husband because we love the natural beauty and progressive values; but it is getting harder for families to find good jobs with benefits, reliable housing and the schools kids need.

As your State Representative I will work to protect improve funding for our schools, improve access to good, affordable healthcare and safeguard our environment. , Working for DHS child services means that I see first hand the hardships faced by so many of the most vulnerable families in our communities. For many it is hard to get by, let alone get ahead. I will do what I can to make sure that as many people as possible have a fair shot at leading a good life. That means increasing investments in education and making sure that hard working people don’t have to lose sleep over access to healthcare.

Rachel Prusak
State Representative, District 37

I’m running because I’m tired of people in power – elected officials- who claim to represent us, ignore their constituents in favor of special Interests. Nurses unequivocally advocate for what’s best for people. We work in stressful, fast-paced environments, make tough decisions and put the lives of others ahead of our own everyday. We are the most trusted profession and I believe it’s time we have that level of trust in our representatives.

Zip Codes: 97062, 97140, 97224

Public education is important to all of us, whether or not we have children or grandchildren in school right now. It is the foundation of our future, our economy and the strength of our communities. Yet Oregon continues to have large class sizes and lacks the proper resources for our teachers and kids. We need a representative who will help our schools, not vote against them. That is why I support revenue reform that would provide stable and predictable funding for public education.

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Suzanne Bonamici
US Representative
District 1

Zip Codes: 97005, 97006, 97007,
97008, 97062, 97075, 97076, 97106,
97109, 97113, 97116, 97117, 97119,
97123, 97124, 97125, 97133, 97140,
97144, 97223, 97224, 97225, 97229,
97281, 97291, 97298

Sarah Grider
State Senator District 13

Zip Codes: 97006, 97007, 97062, 97123,
97140, 97223, 97224

What to know: Fighting hard in a Red
district, up against a Republican incumbent!

Betsy Johnson
State Senator
District 16

Zip Codes: 97106, 97109, 97113, 97116,
97117, 97119, 97125, 97133,
97144, 97229, 97124

What to know:  Incumbent

Rob Wagner
State Senator
District 19

Zip Codes: 97062, 97140, 97224

What to know: Incumbent, first
appointed to the chamber in
January 2018, selected to replace
Richard Devlin (D).

Ken Moore
State Representative
District 24

Zip Codes: 97113, 97119, 97123, 97140

What to know: Of the Working Families
Party; caucuses with the Democrats. This
seat was held by a Republican in the last election!

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Dave McCall
State Representative
District 25

Zip Code: 97140

What to know: Fighting hard in a Red
district, up against a Republican incumbent!

Sheri Malstrom
State Representative
District 27

Zip Codes: 97005, 97008, 97223,
97225, 97007

What to know: Incumbent, running
against an Independent Party of Oregon

Jeff Barker
State Representative
District 28

Zip Codes: 97005, 97006, 97007, 97008

What to know: Incumbent, running
against a Republican candidate.

Brad Witt
State Representative
District 31

Zip Codes: 97109, 97124, 97133, 97144,
97229, 97106

What to know: Incumbent, running
against a Republican candidate.

Mitch Greenlick
State Representative
District 33

Zip Codes: 97005, 97006, 97225, 97229

What to know: Incumbent, running
against a Republican candidate.

Ken Helm
State Representative
District 34

Zip Codes: 97005, 97006, 97124,
97225, 97229

What to know: Incumbent, running
against a Republican candidate.

Margaret Doherty
State Representative
District 35

Zip Codes: 97007, 97223, 97224

What to know: Incumbent, running
against a Republican candidate.