The East WashCo Dems Meeting–Summary of June 6th Meeting

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Thanks to all who joined us last Thursday for our zoom meeting.  I am enclosing a brief summary of the meeting and links to announcements shared with us.
We heard from Dylan Simpson, the DCCC organizing director for the Andrea Salinas campaign.  The campaign now has an office in Tualatin at 7050 SW Nyberg St. Tualatin, OR 97062.   Organizing is starting earlier than usual because we have a challenging campaign that will attract a lot of national attention.  Dylan talked about the important role that Neighborhood Leaders play in the campaign.  Beyond the people we reach as Neighborhood Leaders there are two groups they are focusing on now:


  • Swing voters – we need to get them information about Andrea to persuade them to vote for her in November
  • Persuade to participate voters – will vote Democratic if they turn out, but we need to make sure that they see the important role their vote will play in November. 
There will be outreach happening most weekends now, including a special focus on the Reproductive Rights Weeked of Action, recognizing the two year anniversary of the disastrous Dobbs decision.  You can learn more and sign up here:
Carl Fisher gave us an overview of the recent primary election and the upcoming November election.
  • We significantly increased turnout if voters were canvassed, sent a postcard or talked face-to-face with their Neighborhood Leader from 43% of Dems overall voting to 52% of those in NL turfs and 66% of those contacted face-to-face.   This is the way we win elections.
  • All of our endorsed candidates won except KC LeDell for judge.  KC did hold Judge Bailey to less than 50% of the vote, so there will be a runoff in November.
  • In other races, we have a lot of important statewide positions up in the fall.  Many of these candidates haven’t had to run seriously competitive elections in the past so will be relying on us to get out the voters.
  • Tigard has two new city council seats up for election.

Brett Hamilton gave us an update on a local issue he is working on.  With the expansion of the LAM Research site in Tualatin, there are proposed changes in the access to Tualatin Road from their property.  This would result in a significant traffic increase through the local neighborhoods.  There is an alternative exit that could be used on Leveton Drive. Brett and others are urging neighbors to speak out about this.  There will be more outreach within the community including circulating a petition.  You can reach Brett at for more information.

There are many Pride events this month  – all are urged to participate. A few that are coming up in our area:
We had a discussion about how to keep motivated and hopeful when there are many negative things happening politically around us.  Some of the great ideas people shared were:
  • Getting involved to try to change what you don’t like
  • Being aware of our role in flipping the House of Representatives – Oregon close Congressional races could make the difference.
  • Going on Threads and looking at the cartoons
  • Turning off negative social media
  • Getting out in nature – one person works with Friends of the Trees
  • Keeping faith in people and seeing acts of kindness
  • Getting together and affirming what we believe in

East Washington County Dems will not meet next month as our meeting day falls on July 4.  I hope that all of you have a chance to both celebrate and reflect on the shared values that make our country great – at the same time as we know there is so much we can make better.   We will reconvene in August.

Wishing you all a summer with light and hope,
Carol Greenough

convenor, East Washington County Dems


Please reach out to Carol Greenough if you have any questions:

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