Beware The False Maguire

by John Maelan, WashCo Dems Communications Committee Member

Stage curtains opening on title which reads Beware The False Maguire, By John Maelan

Who the heck is Brian Maguire? I know, right? Frankly, I’ve never heard of this Democrat before and likely neither have you because, well, he’s not actually a Democrat. However, he is running as one in this year’s primary Oregon race. But like I said, he’s no friend to our Democratic Party, nope… not at all.

How do I know this? Well, because over the past twenty years, this Brian Maguire has given nearly $400,000.00 to REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES! In fact, he’s given over $284,000.00 to Republican state and local candidates since 2008 and more than $110,000.00 to federal ones since 2003, as the Oregonian reveals.  This includes his giving $25,000.00 to Republican nominee Christine Drazan and over $25,000.00 to former Republican Knute Buehler’s failed 2018 race for governor. Does that sound like a Democrat to you?

Yeah, me neither.

But get this: Maguire even donated to one Donald J. Trump in 2020! That’s right, Trump, a man as in line with Democratic values as Attila the Hun was with those of Mahatma Gandhi’s! Now, Maguire did tell the Capital Chronicle that he was an independent voter for most of his youth, but he didn’t quite recall when he joined the Democratic party. However, I would venture to guess that the reason he can’t recall that little fact is because he did it with his eyes closed and his nose held.

Records provided by the Secretary of State’s Office show that he changed his voter registration from Republican to Democrat in February 2020, presumably after he voted for Trump. Before that, Maguire was a registered Republican on and off since 2015. Now, in an interview with Willamette Week, Maguire claims he donated to Republicans so that he could influence them to vote for environmental legislation.

Right… so how’s that worked out so far for you, Brian? Because we all know how much Republican politicians care about climate change.

Now, it is often said that where a person puts their treasure tells you what’s in their heart. And obviously, Brian Maguire’s heart beats with the Republican cause. And honestly, I could respect that position even if I disagreed with it. After all, people should stand for what they believe in. However, I cannot respect a liar, and that’s what Brian Maguire clearly is. He is lying to the voters by masquerading as a Democrat. He knows that the Dems have been whooping the living daylights out of the GOP in Oregon for years and he simply wants to be on the winning team for once. And he’s also clearly a man who will do and say anything that he thinks will win him an election, so that he can shove his self-serving agenda down everyone else’s throat.

How very Trumpian of him.

As for me, I support real Democrats and strongly encourage the folks in neighboring Clackamas County to vote for State Representative Jules Walters. And please remember, everybody, the last day for your ballot to be received by mail is May 28th, 2024. So, fill it out and get it mailed as soon as you can. Because our democracy literally depends on it.