The East WashCo Dems Meeting–What About Measure 110?  Meeting Summary

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Dear neighbor,


Those who joined us last night had a chance to learn about all of the array of services in Washington County that respond to the impact of substance use in people’s lives.  As the legislature rewrote and revoked part of Measure 110 – the citizen initiative that legalized drug use in Oregon – Washington County was working to create a system to use the funding that came with this measure and that would provide no wrong door and services to serve a wide range of people and needs.  Nancy Griffith, the Washington County addictions program coordinator joined us last night and talked about the BHRN – Behavioral Health Resource Network – that resulted.  The 19 programs funded under this program work together to create a safety net for all of our people  Nancy’s compassionate approach to offering help and support while respecting the dignity of each person was powerful.


I will highlight a few facts:
  • The most abused and impactful addiction remains alcohol addiction.  
  • The second most impactful class of drugs is prescription medication
  • The average methamphetamine use is 45 years old.   Because of the length of their use, they are frequently harder to treat than a teenager.
  • But, there is much more serious addiction seen in young teens than every before.
  • The 19 programs that make up the BHRN are targeted to a wide range of needs, cultures and ages.  They meet regularly to make sure that there are services available for all. 
  • Peer programs are the most widely used of any service.  We are recruiting and training people who can use their lived experience to help others.
  • Harm Prevention programs range from HIV testing to very wide distribution of Naloxone (the easily administered drug that prevents death from an opioid overdose).  A van takes many of these programs throughout the county.
  • With the “recriminalization” of drug use, Washington County will have a deflection program starting on September 1st.  People will be given referral for assessment and will have 90 days to engage in some kind of treatment or assessment.  
  • The county is building the Center for Addiction Triage and Treatment (CATT) which will provide a full range of services for anyone walking in or being brought into the program.  

I am proud of our county and grateful to all of those who work to make these programs possible.  Many of us work to elect the people who fund and shape the demands for these programs.  Their success is our reward.

  • THANK YOU to all the neighborhood leaders.  You not only educate your neighbors and get out the vote, you help build a community of  people who believe that we can make a difference.  In the past two weeks, I have heard of two other states that are beginning to establish NL programs because they have seen our success.  Enjoy talking to your neighbors!!
  • Andrea Salinas is opening a campaign office in Tualatin at 7050 Nyberg St. To help out on her campaign, contact Dylan Simpson at  The campaign is going  to be Crowd-Canvassing and tabling at the Beaverton Farmers’ Market searching for volunteers on Saturday May 11th, and then we will also be officially opening up our office and starting our canvass efforts for Andrea on June 1st!
  • We have many other races which can use your support.  Even when it looks like an easy primary – this is the time to make voters aware of our candidates in preparation for the general election.  You can find ways to volunteer for some of our local races here:
Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions.  Hoping this finds all of us with something to hope for, something to strive for, and something to love.


Carol Greenough
convenor, East Washington County Dems



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