The April Central Committee Meeting is IN PERSON!

April 24, 2024

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picture of pcps standing in PCC willowcreek before a cc meeting begins. image overlaid with text promoting the cc event

This month, our Central Committee meeting is in person!

Our meeting will take place at the PCC Willow Creek location, at 241 SW Edgeway Drive in Hillsboro.  The PCC Willow Creek facility is conveniently close to the Willow Creek Transit Center and MAX line, as well as multiple buses. Click here to see it on a map >>

Starting at 6:15 pm, we will have a Committee Fair, at which you can learn more about the different committees and caucuses we have available, and decide how you would like to get involved!  If you are a long-time Washington County Democrat, this is the perfect opportunity to bring along a friend who is new to the Dems, and introduce them to what we do.

Please be there by 6:30 pm at the latest so that we can do the credentialing for the meeting.

The agenda for our meeting, as well as resolutions for review, can be found in the Central Committee Resource Center.


Meeting Details

Hello everyone! We are in full-swing campaign season! We have a very exciting central committee meeting coming up on the 24th.

Candidate Forum for Secretary of State and Treasurer

We will have a Treasurer candidate forum and a Secretary of State candidate forum! You will have the opportunity to hear from two candidates running for Secretary of State as well as two candidates running for Treasurer.

This year running for Secretary of State we have State Senator Manning from Eugene joining us as well as State Treasurer Tobias Read.
Running for State Treasurer we will have State Senator Elizabeth Steiner with us and candidate Jeff Gudman. Jeff served as a lake Oswego City Councilor from 2011 to 2018. We will hear from the candidates with an opening speech, and we will be taking questions when you check in for the Central Committee meeting. We will have 3×5 cards that you can fill out and turn back in. Please be sure to have your question in mind as we will be collecting 3×5 cards swiftly as you sign in. We need time to be able to sort through those cards so we don’t ask repeat questions, and aim to get the most unique questions asked during the time allotted.

Also this evening, we will be voting on a resolution

This is considered an emergency resolution because it is time-sensitive. You all may recall that when we heard from the Measure, Bond and Levy committee we heard a little bit about the ballot measure for the expansion of the North Plains urban growth boundary. We chose not to take a position on the ballot measure. However, the Policy and Resolution committee has created a resolution regarding how the results of the ballot measure might best be handled. You can read the proposed resolution here >>

Fellow Washington County Democrat and member of the Policy and Resolutions Committee; board member of the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District, Dean Moberg, is the submitter of this resolution, and you can watch a video to understand more here>>

We have an extremely exciting and packed night. I look forward to seeing you all! Please do your best to arrive early as we want to stay on time throughout the evening. Thank you so much, and if you haven’t signed up to be a neighborhood leader yet, there’s still time! You can click here >>

See all details for the next CC meeting >> CLICK HERE

Glad to be with you,

Martita Meier, Chair
Washington County Democrats


Agenda, Draft Minutes, Resolution proposals, and Rules proposals can be found in the CC Resource Center


DO NOT VOTE UNLESS YOU ARE A (MAY 2022) ELECTED PCP or appointed at any subsequent CC meeting. If you wish to become an appointed PCP, please follow the guidelines here > Become a PCP.