Washington County Democrats Central Committee May 2024 Election EndorsementsDark blue background with logo and photo of voter stickers

Exciting news!  The Washington County Democratic Party voted on its endorsements at a special meeting of the Central Committee on March 5th, and we have some absolutely great endorsed candidates going into the May election.  We also voted to support a Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue levy at our February Central Committee meeting–you can read about the details below!

Here are our candidates–and remember, it is now your job to help these fine folks get elected.  Join the Neighborhood Leader Program!

May 2024 Candidate Endorsements:

Washington County Commission:

○  Position 1: Nafisa Fai    https://www.nafisaforwashingtoncounty.com

Metro Council:

○ District 3: Gerritt Rosenthal     https://gerrittformetro3.net

Beaverton Mayor:

○ Lacey Beaty   https://www.facebook.com/laceybeatyforbeaverton/

Beaverton City Council:

○ District 3: Edward Kimmi  https://www.edwardkimmi.com/

○ District 6: Nadia Hasan  https://nadiaforbeaverton.com

Washington County Sheriff:

○ Caprice Massey    https://www.capriceforsheriff.com

Circuit Court Judge:

○ District 20, Position 6:  KC LeDell  https://www.ledellforjudge.com/

Positions on Local Ballot Measures:

The ballot measure and levy endorsements were recommended to us by our ad hoc Measures, Bonds & Levies Endorsement Committee, and the ones listed below were then voted on by the full Central Committee meeting.  You can see the full committee recommendation reports here:  February 2024 Report and March 2024 Report.

34-322 Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Option Levy  VOTE YES
A “yes” vote supports a TVF&R levy of $0.69 per $1,000 assessed value for five years, beginning in Fiscal Year 2025–2026. Over the past five years, there has been a 23% increase in emergency incidents in TVF&R’s service area. If the levy passes, TVF&R will hire 36 more firefighters and paramedics to augment the 92 who are levy-funded, as well as support personnel to train and equip first responders to meet reliability and response times. Additionally TVF&R will purchase specialized medical equipment such as cardiac monitors and defibrillators, critical firefighting tools such as thermal imagers for search and rescue and breathing apparatus for building fires, and vehicles used to fight wildfires, shuttle water, and transport patients.   READ MORE >

34-336 Banks School District  VOTE YES
A “yes” vote means the Banks School District will improve safety, health, security; repair, update, improve facilities; renovate high school, and issue $49,310,000 in principal amount of bonds. The bond will allow for seismic upgrades, roof repair, adequate HVAC, improved classroom space, and better physical threat upgrades, including controlled access and security visibility. This bond will add a new two-story building to replace much of Banks High School, built in 1959. The bond only serves the current student population; it does not add capacity.  READ MORE >

34-335 Banks Fire District #13 Levy  VOTE YES
A “yes” vote means the Banks Fire District shall maintain fire and emergency medical services by levying $0.97 per 1,000 AV for five years. This measure is an extension of the last five-year levy passed in 2019 for 97 cents per thousand. No increase is requested in this measure. By renewing the local option levy, the Banks Fire District will: Ensure current response times and levels of service emergency calls are maintained, continue 24-hour staffing and continue fire safety programs, building and apparatus maintenance, fire
prevention education, maintain regular office hours, and expand volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention. 

34-337 THPRD Levy  VOTE YES
A “yes” vote means the Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District shall preserve operations, improve safety, maintenance with a levy $0.50 per $1000 assessed value, for five years beginning 2024-2025. THPRD is the largest special park district in Oregon, covering about 50 square miles in the greater Beaverton area with over 100 parks and thousands of recreational classes. THPRD is facing a $16 million shortfall because of rising labor and maintenance costs; revenue has not kept up with inflation. This levy would preserve current service levels and programming, and would also fund a new registration system.  READ MORE >

34-333 Tigard Public Safety Renewal Levy VOTE YES
A “yes” vote means Tigard shall renew the operating levy of $0.29 per $1,000 assessed property value for public safety services for five years beginning 2025. The Renewal Levy renews the 2020 levy and continues funding for 8 patrol officers, 1 school resource officer (SRO), 2 support staff, and Crisis Intervention and De-escalation training for five
years with NO tax increase. If the Renewal Levy does not pass, public safety services would not be funded as proposed and the current tax would expire in 2025.

34-334 Tigard City Charter Amendment VOTE YES
This measure would adopt a new charter for the City of Tigard, replacing the 1962 charter, which has been amended over the intervening years. The new charter:  increases the size of city council, making it six councilors and a mayor, clarifies term limits, removes clauses from the charter that prevent Tigard from using Willamette River water in its water system and prevent Tigard from supporting high-capacity transit, makes residency requirements more strict to be a qualified candidate for city office, and inserts a requirement for a 60% supermajority for future charter amendments. READ MORE >