A New Year With Much To Be Done

by John Maelan

Dark blue background with fireworks and stars, and the caption A New Year With Much To Be Done
Well, now it’s almost 2024 and, unsurprisingly, new challenges await. Naturally, we are locked in for another presidential election just eleven short months away and that brings with it all the hope… and dread that comes with it.  Face it, democracy is a messy business. Unlike dictatorships that exult the same strongman for decades, we Americans challenge our leaders every so often to prove that they are worthy of our vote… and, you best believe, we need to keep it that way both nationally and locally. 

After all, it won’t be just the big job in the White House that we will be voting on in the coming year. We will also be voting for our US congressional seats, state representatives, state senators, judges, local officials of various descriptions, and the odd ballot measure. To be sure, none of these positions or issues are trivial. You want science and history to be taught in public schools? Or how about local industries to be held accountable for the pollution in your town? And do you want state laws that reflect your values? Then, friends, you need to support the relevant campaigns in the coming year. 

And if you don’t support those issues and offices, rest assured someone who lives every day all day on “Truth” Social will. 

Democracy has always been a “DIY” project. It doesn’t make itself work, We The People make it work. So, in this new year with all its diverse hopes and dreads, I recommend you find a local Democratic race that you can really sink your teeth into. Roll up your Democratic sleeves and get to it. Because, if we all resolve to be that candle that spites the darkness, we can all have a very happy new year indeed. 

And remember, everybody, on New Years Eve itself, drive sober or take a cab. And if you do end up taking that cab…fruit juice and lots of rest can go a long way to mitigating that hangover. 

Best of luck to one and all.