Washington County Democrats Press Release:

Democratic Party of Oregon To Vote On Two Groundbreaking Resolutions At Dec. 2nd Meeting

WashCo Dems Press Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 30, 2023

Karolina Newcombe
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The resolutions call for legalizing collective bargaining for farmworkers in the state of Oregon, as well as revisiting ADA and IDEA to better identify children with “hidden disabilities” like ADHD and dyslexia.

 The Democratic Party of Oregon is preparing for its 4th quarter State Central Committee meeting on Saturday, December 2nd, to be conducted virtually.  Of note, the Party will vote on two resolutions presented to the meeting by Washington County party members.

Brian Gardner (neurospicymovement@gmail.com / 415-260-7147) is excited to reach the culmination of four years of effort to get a resolution passed revising ADA and IDEA procedures for identification of Neurodiverse individuals. The current system leaves out children with “invisible disabilities” like ADHD and Dyslexia, among many others. These learning differences, if unidentified and not treated through therapy and/or medication, lead to adverse educational and mental health outcomes including over a 15%  increase of the Mortality Rate Ratio. Here is the original resolution with the Washington County Democrats

Hector Hinojosa will be presenting a resolution which is a long overdue response to the NLRA, a federal act which has for decades denied farmworkers collective bargaining rights available to other workers.  The resolution calls for the legalization of collective bargaining rights for farmworkers in the state of Oregon, as well as the passage of an Oregon Agricultural Labor Relations Act.  The Act would, at a minimum, grant agricultural workers the full protections of the National Labor Relations Act, including the right to freely organize at workplaces without intimidation, coercion or harassment.



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The Democratic Party of Oregon promotes the election of Democratic candidates at every level across the state of Oregon with technical and volunteer support. We provide opportunities for all Oregon Democrats to participate fully in our political process. The Democratic Party of Oregon supports local county Parties to make sure that every community can work to get Democratic Candidates elected.

Oregon Democrats believe that rights and responsibilities go hand in hand. It’s up to all of us to work for a present and future society that treats every individual with dignity and respect, provides for the health and education of future generations, grows Oregon’s businesses and local economies, safeguards our civil liberties and democratic rights, and protects the natural environment in which we all live.




  •     For the full text of Resolution 2023-05 regarding ADA and IDEA procedures, go here.  If you have questions, you can also contact Brian Gardner at 415-260-7147, or neurospicymovement@gmail.com
  •     The full text of Resolution 2022-002 regarding collective bargaining for farmworkers, as passed by the Washington County Democratic Party, can be found here.
  •     For more information about the Democratic Party of Oregon, please contact Eddie Kurtz at press@dpo.org.


Karolina Newcombe

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