Rest In Peace, Barbara Glazer

A photo of Barbara Glazer, with a caption reading Rest In Peace, Barbara Glazer
This week, Barbara Glazer, a longtime Washington County Democrats volunteer and activist, passed away.  Barbara moved to New Mexico in 2021, after volunteering for the WashCo Dems for over 10 years.  Many of us will remember Barbara as a fearless warrior for equal rights and social justice, and she will be dearly missed.  Barbara was a member of the Resolutions & Platform Committee, and also worked with the Black American Caucus to organize a series of meetings called Hard Conversations, which centered on racism and white privilege.

Here is a message from Barbara’s daughters:

It is with much sadness that Leslie and Debbie share the passing of our mom, Barbara Glazer. Mom was strong, independent, stubborn, and caring. She loved to laugh, and always fought for justice & fairness.

Mom passed away peacefully in the hospital on the evening of October 8th after battling multiple physical conditions.

Donations to either Planned Parenthood or The Anti-Defamation League are much appreciated. These causes were very important to her.

Services are still being arranged.