red, white and blue pattern with caption reading Help Out The Clackamas County Dems!

Help Out The Clackamas County Democrats!

In recent weeks, our fellow Democrats in Clackamas County have suffered serious damage and vandalism to their Oregon City office.  First, a brick shattered one of their windows.  Then, someone used a pellet gun to shatter their office door and crack their remaining windows.   Here are some photos of the damage:

A photo of a shattered front window with glass on the sidewalk, and a view of the front office with a plant, a couch and books

A photo of a window pane with a bullet hole in it, with an American flag and a Joe Biden cutout in the background

Sadly, this is another example of how polarization and political violence has escalated in our nation.  Obviously, this has been tough for the Clackamas County Democrats–but they are not going to be intimidated and they are staying right there in their community.  And you can help them recover and rebuild!

Please contribute to the Clackamas County Democrats Glass Fund, and thank you for helping out your fellow Democrats!


Contribute to the Glass Fund here