Blue sky with fair rides and attractions. Caption reading Democrats at the State Fair! A Report

Democrats At The State Fair:  A Report

by John Maelan, WashCo Dems Communications Committee Member

This year’s Oregon State Fair took place in Salem from August 24th through September 4th, 2023 and was attended by over 346,000 people… and the Democrats were there!

Well, of course we were there! I mean, gosh, some 57% of all Oregonians vote Democratic, so that means a big chunk of that crowd would have to have been us. Right? But, aside from that fact, the Oregon Democratic Party also set up a booth to give away free water at the fair.

And with daytime temperatures reaching as high as 98, many fairgoers—both Democrat and Republican—seemed to appreciate the service. But naturally, that wasn’t all us scheming Democrats were doing.

A photo of the Democratic Party booth at the Fair, with a sign reading Free Ice Water and multiple volunteers

Pictured above, you see Oregon Statehouse Member Tom Anderson and a few volunteers engaged in the subversive activity of registering people to vote. That’s right, we have a political agenda and we admit it. Dozens of fairgoers, in fact, came to our booth during every four-hour shift to register in the great state of Oregon. And the weird thing was: we didn’t even care what party they planned to vote for! Basically, that’s because we believe that the more citizens who vote, whatever their persuasion, the better it is for democracy as a whole.

Yep, you see, at the end of the day, that’s what we Democrats stand for. Ensuring the free and fair expression of democracy to enable a more just and compassionate society for everybody. It may start with free water on a hot day, but it can progress into more community involvement with issues like healthcare, the environment, and social justice. And even if we can’t achieve all of that, we simply can’t stand to let a person suffer in the heat if we can do something about it.

That’s us. We’re the Democrats!

Oh, you may ask; “What were the Republicans doing at the fair?” Good question. The answer is:  they were raffling off a handgun… and word on the street is that the State Police had to eject one of them from the Fair for harassing passers-by on the evening of August 1st.

Go figure.

I guess the two parties are not all that alike after all. And that’s why I vote Democrat!