list of 2023 endorsed candidates with green checkmarks next to each name. Royal blue backgroundDemocrats work hard and get results!


Wow, what amazing results for the Washington County May Election! I am excited and proud to say that every single candidate that the Washington County Democrats endorsed, won their race!

🎉🗳️  You can see the results from election night, Click here >

Candidates, thank you all for stepping up. It takes heart and courage to run for office and represent your community. It is not always an easy job, and we thank you!

We really hope to continue to see our new (and incumbent) electeds with us at our events and meetings. We want our electeds to always feel supported as they work to create change in their district. We are partners together in growing Washington County to be a county that represents and champions all of its residents!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank our House District Leaders and our Neighborhood Leaders. House District Leaders do an incredible job organizing their districts, and we can proudly say Washington County had the largest Neighborhood Leader Program in ALL OF OREGON! 211 Neighborhood Leaders were activated and covered 267 turfs! Turfs cover approximately 30 households and an average of 45 to 50 Democrats. That means this May, together we contacted well over 12,000 registered Democrats!
List of the 2023 house district leaders with a royal blue background

In neighborhoods with Neighborhood Leader engagement, we saw a significant increase in voter turnout.

When we mail our slate card as a postcard, the average increase is 15% … and when we are able to talk to our neighbors, door knocking in person, the average moves up to 💥30%💥   THANK YOU, NEIGHBORHOOD LEADERS!!!! 🏘️🏠🏡

Go here to see a detailed report showing the amazing results our Neighborhood Leaders delivered in this election!!

One more special shout-out to Kyle Linares. Kyle was our new Field Director, and he did an awesome job. Kyle will be providing us with some more stats and details that I will share with everyone in June. The Neighborhood Leader Program is such a crucial part of our party, and how we make a difference in Washington County. Thank you Kyle for your hard work!

Today is a day to celebrate! And remember 2024 will be here before we know it! Get ready to roll up your sleeves and let’s win some more elections!

Your Chair,
Martita Meier