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SpringFest 2023 – Education & Labor:
Safeguarding our future

Hillsboro Hidden Creek Community Center


Saturday, April 15th | 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Safeguarding our future is not for the faint of heart. It takes activism, commitment, and perseverance with all of us working together to ensure that the generations to come enjoy the fruits of our efforts.

SpringFest 2023’s theme combines labor and education because these two partners in our community share many common goals: protecting marginalized populations, promoting economic and social growth in our communities, and providing a safe space for our children to thrive. When we work to promote and support the least of us, we are safeguarding the future for all of us.

Raffle baskets are back by popular demand, and raffle tickets are only $5.00 ! The SpringFest raffle includes our crowd-pleasing Chocolates & Wine on Cloud 9 basket, which offers 9 bottles of delicious wine as well as mouth-watering chocolates and more! We are also presenting an International Flair basket, a Kids @ Heart basket, and Coffee and Tea, Yes Please! basket. All these delightful offerings are only $5 each, and raffle tickets can be purchased when you buy your SpringFest Ticket!

background of image with pencil and wrench on gray to blue faded background and overlay of pies floating aboveWe will also have Representative Hai Pham hosting our paddle raise, and newly elected DPO Chair Rosa Colquitt will be leading the ever-popular pie auction!

Remember, SpringFest will be in-person at the new Hillsboro Hidden Creek Community Center. You will have fun seeing your old friends and making some new ones, too!

SpringFest tickets are only $35!

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Keynote Speaker: Democratic Party of Oregon Education Caucus Chair & Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Northwest Oregon Labor Council

From Northwest Labor Press:

Laurie Wimmer started March 6 as executive secretary-treasurer of the Northwest Oregon Labor Council (NOLC), coming out of retirement to try to rebuild a local labor institution that has lagged in attendance and participation.

NOLC serves the Portland metro area, fostering solidarity among affiliated AFL-CIO unions and advocating a pro-worker agenda to local elected officials.

Wimmer spent 25 years of her career lobbying in Salem for the Oregon Education Association (OEA), the state-wide organization of K-12 teachers unions, and was a member of the union for OEA staff. There, she fought efforts to privatize public education, and did battle with now-discredited anti-tax crusader Bill Sizemore. She arrived just as property tax limitations tightened school budgets at districts statewide. In response, she founded and led the Oregon Revenue Coalition, a group of unions and nonprofit groups that pushed to increase state revenues in order to fund public services. She retired from OEA in 2022.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE >

From the MultCo Dems:

A third-generation Oregon Democrat, child of two union members, and parent to yet another generation of Dems.  A progressive activist and one of the key architects of Oregon’s Student Success Act (which will add $1 billion a year in perpetuity to the state’s chronically underfunded public education system).

She has remained active in investigating issues surrounding the state’s schools as Government Relations Consultant at the Oregon Education Association. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE >