WashCo Dems 2022 Accomplishments

List of WashCo Dems 2022 Accomplishments: Neighborhood Leader Program: 383 Neighborhood Leaders, 410 Turfs Created, 22,970 NLP Voters. Endorsed Candidates: 14 Endorsed Candidates, 14 Candidate Victories, 100% Elections Won! Fundraising Efforts: 89 Blue Horizon Sustaining Contributions, 3 Fundraisers, $15,000 Donated To Candidates. Our Neuberger Gala was held in person again, and made $52,450, which was invested in our Neighborhood Leader Program and local campaigns! Communications and Technology: 39 Published Articles, 1,000+ Followers On Social Media, 3,000+ Email Subscribers. Our calendar has been updated to promote not just WashCo Dems events, but also community events! Outreach: 10 Days at the Washington County Fair. Marched in Three Local Parades. Represented the WashCo Dems at the Beaverton and Hillsboro Pride Festivals. Office: 60 lb. of Food Donated in Our Food Drive. 600 Kids Visited Our Halloween Haunted Office. Over $3,000 Sold in Swag. After the Devastating Fire in Downtown Hillsboro, Our Office was Used to House a Displaced Business. Resolutions: 4 Resolutions Passed. Support for Collective Bargaining by Farmworkers. Making ACA Insurance Subsidies Permanent. Recommendations for Special Education Testing. Suporting Ranked Choice Voting.

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