The January Central Committee Meeting is ONLINE

January 23, 2023

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We will hold a Central Committee meeting on Zoom on the evening of Wednesday, January 25, 2023!

Please join the Zoom call to get credentialed by 6:30 PM at the latest! We will begin business in earnest at 7:00 p.m. Here is the link to join the call:

Join Zoom Meeting

Dial by your location:

  •  +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
  • Meeting ID: 834 4861 7424

The agenda for our meeting, as well as resolutions for review in the Central Committee Resource Center.


Meeting Details

Special Guest Speaker

We will have a special guest presentation from Dr. Marvin Lynn! Dr.Lynn as you may recall, served on the Tigard-Tualatin School Board. He had to step down this year due to his new position in Colorado! He will be speaking to us about the importance and urgency of the school board races this year. Republicans are doing more and more to try to influence our schools; making them less tolerant and less open for all people who come from different walks of life. We don’t all have the same origins, and we don’t all have the same life story. We want our schools to be inclusive and welcoming so that every student can thrive!

Special Report

We will also be hearing from our fellow PCP Janice Karpenick. She will be providing us with the latest news on Divest Oregon. Divest Oregon is an organization that we have supported that is working toward ending fossil fuel investments within the Public Employee Retirement Fund. Janice will be putting forth a motion for us to formally support HB 2601: The Treasury Investment and Climate Protection Act. 

Delegation Chairs

We will be holding our elections for the SCC, CD1, and CD6 delegation chairs. These votes are taken in breakout rooms by our delegate members.

Please note! There is a motion on the agenda to suspend Standing Rule 4. By suspending this rule we will allow both the delegates and alternates of our respective delegations to vote on their chair. I get into a deeper explanation here in this video. Please Click here and watch!

2022 Meeting Minutes

PCPs, please be sure to take a few minutes to go to our CC Resource Center on the website.  Several 2022 CC meeting minutes are now posted, and we will take time at the opening of the meeting to review and approve these minutes.

Upcoming PCP Training

Our new Training Chair Barry Johnson Smith will be giving you an overview of some upcoming PCP training! There will be training opportunities in February, March, and April. We want you to know that we heard the feedback and we want to do a better job of helping PCPs understand their role, and be in the loop on how to best promote our Democratic values throughout the party and throughout Washington County! Next training is February 25th. Learn more.

Fun with your Fellow Dems!

We said we wanted to have some more fun together, so let’s do it! We are having our first bingo night at the office! Friday the 27th (two days after the CC meeting) … starting at 6:00 p.m.. It’s a great way for the party to fundraise, and for us to all have a good time together. We hope to see you there! Please RSVP here.

Glad to be with you,

Martita Meier, Chair
Washington County Democrats



Agenda, Draft Minutes, Resolution proposals, and Rules proposals can be found in the CC Resource Center

What to expect for online credentialing for virtual meetings

When you log in to the Zoom meeting, you will be held in a Zoom “waiting room” until a credentialing volunteer admits you to the meeting. Once in the room, if we are able to tell that you are a PCP by name or by visually recognizing you on video, we will consider you credentialed and no further action will be required. If we cannot easily recognize you by face or name and match you with our PCP list, we will interact with you to verify your identity before you are considered credentialed to vote in the meeting. Guests will also be verified in this way but will be labeled with “ZZZ-” in front of their names to help us easily tell which attendees may speak and vote.


Zoom can be used on a computer and by phone, but it is easier to use by computer. We advise doing your best to attend via a laptop or desktop. You can also join using the link with your cellphone, but the screen will be more condensed.  Those without a computer can also attend by calling the number listed above, and typing in the Meeting ID.

NOTE: Zoom via the phone has more limitations. You will be limited to:

  • Mute/Unmute = *6
  • Raising and lowering your hand = *9

Please reach out to Martita Meier, our chair if you have any questions:

Please take a moment to review this helpful guide to having a good Zoom experience.



Always check your mute status before speaking; the host may have muted you if you forget to.

On a computer:

  • At the bottom left corner, MUTED = RED mic with a line through it…click on it to unmute

On a phone:

  • If you dialed in with the phone number: Use *6
  • on a smartphone: click on PARTICIPANTS & look to the bottom toolbar


On a computer:

  • Use the RAISE HAND feature. Click on the PARTICIPANTS tab (bottom middle of the screen); a box will pop up to the right…on the lower tab, click on RAISE HAND & click on it again to lower.

On a phone:

  • If you dialed in with the phone number: Use *9
  • on a smartphone: look to the bottom right & click on RAISE HAND


DO NOT VOTE UNLESS YOU ARE A (MAY 2022) ELECTED PCP or appointed at any subsequent CC meeting. If you wish to become an appointed PCP, please follow the guidelines here > Become a PCP.