ONLINE TRAINING: How to Be An Effective PCPblackboard that says get active how to be an effective pcp volunteer training

Are you a new PCP, and are you wondering what exactly it means to be one?  Or have you been a PCP for a while, and are you looking to get more out of the experience?  Join the WashCo Dems for the How To Be An Effective PCP online training course!

We will cover aspects of being a PCP such as basic parliamentary procedure and committees you can participate in.  We will also talk about how being a PCP could change your future–and, why it’s fun to be a PCP and an active Washington County Dem!



Join us on Zoom here!

Passcode:  WCD2022


  • October 4th 7-8:30 pm.

For more information, please contact Nancy at

Hope to see you there!