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OP-ED: Could A Roy Cohn Style Lawsuit Hurt Trump, Even If He Becomes The GOP Nominee In 2024?

by Michael Downes, PCP


First of all, before I begin, I wanted to say I am really an independent who votes only on the policy of candidates, not on ideology.  On top of that, I wanted to say that this is an idea, nothing more than that. One could say I have become obsessed in a rather stressful way, especially  with what is going on now with Trump.  I wish to get this idea out, before we may or may not end up in a theocracy, serving one man, or even an autocracy after this election  cycle. So with that out of the way, let me put this idea out there.

For many of you who do not know Roy Cohn:  he was a vicious lawyer who used his status to, among many things, lead the prosecution to convict two innocent people you may have heard about–the Rosenbergs.  He did so with no evidence alongside Richard Nixon as his chief counsel and later even Joseph McCarthy (a hard-core anti-Soviet anti-American Senator from Wisconsin, who tormented ordinary people, including the Hollywood Ten, gay people, non-Caucasian people and anyone from a disenfranchised community with his black book of  alleged Communist sympathizers).  Also, Roy Cohn was a mentor to Trump. Among things he taught the now former disgraced president Donald Trump was the will to win at any cost. In this case, Trump took that a little too far, as we have seen with the January  6th domestic terrorist assualt on the Capitol of our now hanging by a thread Constitutional republic. However, Roy Cohn, before he was later disbarred, taught Trump to use lawsuits to stall for time–what I refer to as a Roy Cohn lawsuit. These lawsuits are basically people suing each other for anything from a Judge Judy-like situation to something more serious.  Anyway, this Roy Cohn lawsuit, as he referred to it, is a lawsuit where its only purpose is to delay and stall for time even if it is ultimately unsuccessful. This is done so that by the time it goes through our slow court system too much time passes, so it effectively stops time temporarily for a while. In fact, this type of lawsuit has been used in most recent years by Trump and certain acolytes like Lindsey Graham.   What if Trump was hit with the same kind of lawsuit that, based on its speed through the court system, at this rate might materialize in 2024 or 2025?  Again this is an idea I just wanted to get people to think about if nothing else. Defeating him for good means playing hardball, after all.  Just something to ponder.


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