OP-ED: Matters More than the House and SenateWashCo Dems op-ed article

by Michael Downes, PCP

While I would agree that winning the presidency is important it isn’t everything. Bill Clinton in 1994 effectively became a lame duck and pulled him to the right. I am moderately independent but but would be willing to vote progressive depending on the specific issue. But while a lame duck president is bad, what I’m about to tell you would be even more insidious and, to be frank, a nightmare.

If you paid any attention to the third January 6th hearing, in the final moments Judge Luttig (one of the most revered conservative  judges, he was almost appointed to the Supreme Court and even had Ted Cruz as a clerk among others) summed it up: that if either Trump or Trump-blessed GOP loses the general election, they might still be inaugurated by a successfully Jan 6th 2.0 style coup d’état.

He was referring to these Trump-anointed secretaries of state. There is an organization called the America First Secretary of State Coalition. As the name America First would suggest, they are in line with Trump’s “big lie”, a phrase coined by Joseph Goebbels the most famous nazi mouth piece for Hitler, known for stating that if you say a lie enough times people believe it. These secretaries of state if elected could regardless of the outcome give the election results to the losing candidate in a presidential or any other election based on their party.  The following collection in the Coalition must be defeated: Nevada – Jim Marchant, Arizona – (if he wins primary) Mark Finchem, Colorado – indicted fraudster Tina Peters (if she wins primary), New Mexico – Audrey Trujillo, Iowa – Paul Pate, and Michigan – Kristina Karamo.  Wisconsin and Minnesota (Steve Simon) are key battleground state elections.  It would be nice to defeat Raffensperger (Georgia) as well as Frank LaRose (Ohio).  In some states like Pennsylvania the governor appoints the Secretary of State which is why Shapiro must beat Mastriano there. Other states that use that method are Texas, Utah, Virginia, Oklahoma,  Tennessee, Maine, Alaska, Maryland, New Hampshire, Delaware and Florida.

As you can see, this is a concern, and don’t forget other races like Attorney General, etc. One can only hope we survive and turn out enough votes to thwart this.

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