Critical Race Theory, it’s Use, Misuse and Potential Application to Progressive Politics

In this brief talk, Marvin Lynn, a leading scholar in the area of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Education, provided an overview of CRT, addressed the way it is currently being misused by the Conservative Right, and provided recommendations for how progressives might combat a broad disinformation campaign while using CRT as a lens to further democratize their own processes and practices.

Dr. Marvin Lynn is a scholar of race and education, and his work is internationally recognized. He has published dozens of research articles, book chapters, opinion pieces, and an edited book on these topics. He serves on several state and national boards including the Carnegie Project for the Education Doctorate, the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Providence Hospitals’ Oregon Community Ministry Board, the Oregon Educator Advancement Council, the Oregon Educator Equity Advisory Group, and Immediate Past President of the Oregon Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. He currently serves on the Tigard-Tualatin School Board.

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