WashCo Dems Call to Action: Support Brian Decker and Vote with Your Wallet

introducing the call to action


Support Washington County DA candidate Brian Decker, promote businesses that are for true safety and justice.

Deadline for action:

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As we all know, the DA’s office is one of the most important in to our law enforcement practices, yet one of the least accountable by current law, meaning that the values and character of the person in that office are critical. It is high time we have someone who understands the default prison pipeline and root causes of crime, not someone who has been in the same system since the mid 2000’s and sadly consistently deprioritizes aligning our justice system with an eye to equity and fairness.

Brian Decker is one of those candidates that only come around once every decade or so (said by a person who used to support Kamala Harris when she was running for the DA’s office).

Headshot of Brian Decker in glasses, suit and tie, in front of grass, on a blue background

People are learning what kind of positive change a DA can create, and Brian Decker has the will to bring those kind of changes to the DA office of Beaverton.

Kevin Barton?  Republican-aligned, campaign run by someone who “assisted all Oregon House Republicans in all aspects of their campaigns”, all-around bad guy.  In the system for 15 years, same old same old.  Can our community afford same old same old as our members are consistently targeted for their skin color?  It’s one thing to know about it.  It’s another to know about it for 15 years and lazily drag your feet.

That said, scaring people is good for business. But some businesses take advantage of this. BG’s Food Cartel in Beaverton is one.

political sign for kevin barton on fence of bgs food cartel

Let’s put our money where our mouth is.

Take action!


  • Support WCD-endorsed Brian Decker – join his campaign to help drop lit or make calls
  • Bonus: work with Brian Decker’s campaign to hand out flyers at BG’s Food Cartel and help explain how Brian Decker is for true safety and real justice
  • Take your business elsewhere, look for other meal options than BG’s Food Cartel in Beaverton

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