Washington County Democrats Central Committee May 2022 Contributions Report

Washington County Democrats
Endorsements Committee Recommendations for Contributions for May 17, 2022 Primary Election
Submitted March 16, 2022

It is critical that we retain a Democratic majority on the Commission, establish a Democratic majority on Beaverton City Council, and elect Democrats in all races in the County. We must support the endorsements approved by the Central Committee with meaningful contributions that will help to achieve this goal. Based on the total dollar amount available–$7,500, as determined by the Executive Committee, the Endorsements Committee makes the following recommendations.

Washington County District Attorney

Brian Decker

Opponent: Kevin Barton (N-Incumbent). This is a crucial race in Washington County; campaign research shows that this will be a close race and that Brian has a good chance of winning with strong financial and volunteer support. In light of the direct impact that this powerful position has on the lives of Black, brown and poor residents in Washington County, we urge the voting members to approve the largest contribution that the Party is able to provide.
Recommended contribution: $2,500 immediately. We request an additional $1,000 after the SpringFest fundraiser on April 9, if the SpringFest exceeds its net income goal. We are this seeking approval for this quest now rather than at the April 27 CC meeting so that the additional funds can be provided to Brian’s campaign the week after the SpringFest event.

Washington County Commissioner

Kathryn Harrington, Chair (Incumbent)

Opponent: Beach Pace (D).
During her first term, Chair Harrington created the Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement; launched the Childcare Assistance Program; created 1,000 affordable housing units, including permanent and temporary housing, rental assistance and support services, and bridge shelters; led all counties in vaccination outreach and in vaccination rates; implemented new economic relief and workforce training programs during the pandemic.
Recommended contribution: $1,000

Pam Treece, District 2 (Incumbent)

Opponent: Don Frazier (R).
Commissioner Treece helped to implement the vaccination program at Muslim Educational Trust, voted with the Democratic majority to pass the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resolution, to increase the availability of childcare programs, to provide pandemic relief to local businesses.
Recommended contribution: $500

Washington County Auditor

John Hutzler (Incumbent)

Opponent: Kristine Adams-Wannberg (D). John Hutzler was endorsed by the PCPs at the special endorsements meeting on March 2.
Recommended contribution: $500


Lynn Peterson, President (Incumbent)

Opponent: Alisa Pyszka (D) who did not apply for an endorsement. Lynn has done an excellent job of reorienting Metro’s focus to serve all communities in Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas Counties, rather than special interest groups who profit from Metro projects. She and the Council have engaged in Targeted Universalism, increasing outreach efforts to obtain community participation in policy-making and focusing on those areas most in need, which benefits everyone. Her strong leadership, and emphasis on collaboration in order to improve the lives of all residents reflect core Democratic values and have earned the Committee’s support going forward.
Recommended contribution: $750

Juan Carlos Gonzalez, District 4 (Incumbent)

Opponent: James Ball (R). Juan Carlos has consistently led initiatives to include communities of color in Metro’s decision-making in order to adequately address their needs. His primary focus is on environmental justice, especially in the area of transportation. He plans to work with ODOT on the statewide transportation plan and advocate for funds to be spent where they are needed most. His is a huge district of 170,000 residents and he will need the Party’s strong support to get out the vote.
Recommended contribution: $750

Christine Lewis, District 2 (Incumbent)

Opponent: Mei Y. Wong (R). Christine will continue to employ the Racial Equity Strategy in all Metro initiatives going forward to include the voices of the underserved and will facilitate the participation and engagement of everyone in the community.
Recommended contribution: $500 (subject to approval of her endorsement by PCPs at the March 23 CC meeting)

Beaverton City Councilor

Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg, Position 1 (Incumbent)

Opponent: None. As the newest Beaverton City Councilor running for reelection, Ashley will continue to focus on housing for all, COVID recovery, and climate action.
Recommended contribution: $250

Kevin Teater, Position 2

Opponent: Teresa Payne (N). Kevin’s continued support for small businesses and communities of color reflects the values of the Democratic Party.
Recommended contribution: $250

Edward Kimmi, Position 3

Opponent: Jennifer Kamprath (R). Edward has an extensive history of advocating for communities of color, aging populations, and small businesses.
Recommended contribution: $250

John Dugger, Position 5

Opponent: None. (open seat as Marc San Soucie is ineligible to run again due to term limit). John’s continued advocacy for all Beaverton residents reflects the values of the Democratic Party.
Recommended contribution: $250

Endorsements Committee
Diane Doctor, Chair
Joanne Delmonico
Cynthia Moffett
Sushmita Poddar
Reiko Williams