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It’s Filing Time! Submit Your SEL-105 Online Now!

If you want to be a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) in the 2022-2024 term, you need to file a Form SEL-105. The deadline is March 8th! Here’s how:

Ready to file now? Here’s what to do, in three easy steps!

FIRST: It’s important to make sure that your voter registration is up-to-date. You can do this easily via the Oregon Secretary of State’s MyVote site:

(Please note: you must have been a registered Democrat for at least 180 days in order to run for election as a PCP.)

SECOND: Locate your updated precinct number by searching for your residence address on Washington County’s Election Map. Your precinct number is a three digit number between 300 and 450, and will be shown in red on the map.

If you need help locating your precinct number, please contact our office (503-626-7018, or Second Vice Chair Amelia Manlove – for assistance.

THIRD: Fill out the Secretary of State’s Online SEL-105 Form. You will need your precinct number and voting address, and you can sign the form electronically.

You’re all finished.  THANK YOU FOR FILING!

Note: To qualify to be an elected Democratic PCP, you:

  • Must be a member of the Democratic Party for at least 180 days prior to the filing deadline, per ORS 249.046.
  • File a form SEL-105 by March 8th, or a declaration of write-in candidacy by 8pm on May 17th.
  • A minimum of 3 votes is required to be elected.

Upon completion of the vote, a certificate of election will be issued.

Wait a minute, I thought I already was a PCP, but I haven’t been elected?

You might be an appointed PCP!

What is the difference?

If you joined the Washington County Democrats in the last two years, and the way you became a PCP was:
– you filled out a form,
– you emailed it to our secretary and officers, and then…
– you were voted in as a PCP at one of our central committee meetings…
That makes you an appointed PCP.

The process is outlined on this page is the regarding the opportunity to become an elected PCP.

The elected PCP term of office is approximately two years, running from the date that the Oregon elections office has certified the May primary election results in an even-numbered election year (usually in June) until it has certified the same primary election results of the next even-numbered election year. Only elected PCPs may vote to elect the officers of the Washington County Democrats during our Organizational Meeting in November of even years.

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