OP-ED: Joe Manchin is a BumWashCo Dems op-ed article

By Coy Lay, Washington County Democrats PCP

I ask all who are angry with Joe Manchin to make a contribution at WVCANTWAIT.COM. Money is scarce in West Virginia and putting a few dollars in the hands of progressives there is very effective.

West Virginia politics are incredibly corrupt. Joe Manchin is a product of this corruption and reflects it. He lies almost without being conscious of it. He has betrayed us all in addition to the people of West Virginia. The state is run by reactionary conservatives who’s wealth and power is based in natural gas, timber, and coal.  They are enthusiastic Trump supporters and will do anything to protect their wealth and power.

Happily, a great many of the people of West Virginia are progressive and politically savvy. West Virginia was the home of historic strikes and union activity and there is a large and active progressive movement in the state. The organization “West Virginia Can’t Wait Action Committee” is working via grass roots organizing on a long term project of developing progressive candidates for office at all levels. The movement is growing so send them money. They will use it well.

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