What to know regarding the SD-15 2022 appointment if you recently applied as a PCP for Washington County

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Friends of the Washington County Democrats,

A record number of people applied to become PCPs during the October Central Committee meeting, and we expect more will apply in November. We know many people are excited to participate in the Senate District 15 (SD15) appointment process that will happen in early 2022. Welcome! We are glad to see you engaging in local politics, and we hope you find other areas of interest with us here at the Washington County Democrats.

Because we expect the SD15 nominating convention to happen in early January, and because there will not be a Central Committee meeting in December: anyone who wishes to participate in the SD15 nominating convention must apply to become a PCP before the November Central Committee meeting on November 17th.

If you are a Democratic resident of SD15 and want to participate in the nominating convention, please submit a completed PCP application NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 17TH AT 5:00PM. Please ensure that you fill out your application completely, carefully and legibly to avoid clerical errors that could delay your appointment. If you are not sure whether your voter registration is current or whether you are currently registered as a Democrat, you can check on the Secretary of State’s My Vote website.

The PCP Appointment Process & Next Steps:

When you successfully submit a PCP appointment application, your application will go through the following steps:
1. The Central Committee (CC) votes to approve your application at the next regularly scheduled Central Committee meeting.

2. After that meeting, your application is forwarded to the Washington County Elections Office to verify your eligibility for the office of PCP under Oregon law (ORS 248.015 and 249.046).

3. If the Elections Office verifies your eligibility, they will notify you in writing of your appointment. If for any reason you are not eligible under Oregon law, we will attempt to contact you at the email address or phone number you provided with your application to let you know why you were ineligible, and what you need to do to become eligible.

If you have not yet received written confirmation from the Elections Office and would like to know whether your PCP appointment was finalized before our next CC meeting, please inquire with our Credentials Chair via email (vicechair2@washcodems.org) no later than 3 days before the November 17th CC meeting.

You can also check the official list* shown on the county’s Elections Office website (Elections > Election Resources > Precinct Committee Persons > Democrat)
This pdf contains all current PCPs, including newly appointed PCPs whose applications were approved by vote at the preceding month’s CC meeting. (For instance, if the pdf file is the September 2021 report, it will include the names of eligible people who submitted PCP applications prior to the August 2021 CC meeting. It will not include the names of any ineligible applicants, or any eligible people whose applications were received after the August CC meeting.)

*Please note that we have no control over when or how often this list is updated on the Elections website.

If you have any further questions, please email 2nd Vice Chair Amelia Manlove as soon as possible at: vicechair2@washcodems.org